Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Inc. Attains 3 Million Safe Hours

Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Green Bay, WI, has attained their greatest safety milestone,
working three million safe hours without a lost-time accident.
The milestone was reached in mid-January of 2007, and spans a 55-month period starting in June of 2003.
The event will be celebrated at Tweet/Garot’s spring employee meeting, where all employees will be
presented with prizes and awards.
Tweet/Garot has received commendations by the AGC (Associated General Contractors) of
Wisconsin for twelve straight years, the Wisconsin Council of Safety for eleven straight years, as
well as continued recognition by MCAA (Mechanical Contractors Association of America), and
SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association). These awards
are achieved based on an OSHA incident rate significantly lower than their industry average.
Tweet/Garot introduced its ZERO INJURY program in January, 2004, which raised the
expectations of all employees to promote safety awareness proactively. Tweet/Garot President,
Tim Howald, and Safety Director, Chris Warren, attribute Tweet/Garot’s safety success to the
efforts involved in their ZERO INJURY program, and the “relentless safety dedication” of their

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