Unico Ånnounces 'Stimulus' Package

Unico Ånnounces 'Stimulus' Package

Unico, Inc, a leading manufacturer of small-duct, high-velocity central heating and air conditioning systems, announced its own “stimulus” package for customers looking to replace or upgrade their HVAC systems.

Under the program, Unico is offering its contractors at no charge, up to 15 outlet kits per address, as part of a Unico System install. This can reduce the cost of the install by as much as $1,500.

“The recession has forced all Americans to look at ways to stretch their dollars,” says Randy Niederer, director of marketing, Unico, Inc. “This stimulus package we hope will make it a little easier for home and business owners to replace or upgrade their current heating and cooling systems, improve their quality of life and save some money in the process,” Niederer says.

The program is available through December 15. unicosystem.com/2009stimulus

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