Unico Products Featured on 'This Old House'

Unico, Inc, a leading manufacturer of small-duct, high-velocity central heating and air conditioning systems, reported that a segment of the PBS program “This Old House” featuring its products being installed, is scheduled to air October 25 on PBS (for information, visit thisoldhouse.com/tvschedule or local listings).

The project house for this fall is an outdated 1887 Queen Anne style home, located in the historic neighborhood of Avon Hill, in Cambridge, MA. Like so many other historic homes in New England, it’s never had air-conditioning. However, as sources report, putting traditional HVAC systems in older homes can be disruptive and messy due to the fact that existing walls must be opened to install ductwork.

The Unico System does not use ductwork. As seen on the “This Old House” program segment focusing on the new heating and air conditioning system, the small-duct, high–velocity system uses existing ceiling, floor or wall cavities, so there is no need to “gut” the home for installation. The process is less disruptive, there’s less mess, less dust, and less installation time.

This project marks the 13th time the Unico System has been installed on a “This Old House” project. For more information, visit unicosystem.com.

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