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The Unified Group To Host Construction Forum

The Unified Group is hosting a Construction Forum at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago on March 23rd - 25th. Attendees will be sharing best practices and learning about:

Project Management: best practices for tracking small and mid-size jobs; job turnover; the role and responsibilities of the project manager; hiring procedures; best practices in new hire training

Technology Panel: learn about new technologies in paperless options, and devices to increase efficiency in field communication

Business Management: lean construction practices; RFI/change order processes and practices; construction contract clauses

Project Profiles: Unified Group members will present a variety of different projects, from small to large, design/build and plan/spec, tenant improvement, and small projects

Member Spotlights: learn about your fellow members' construction strategies, their business models, and how they go to market and differentiate themselves.

“We started this construction forum last year,” said Julie Bishop, Unified Group executive director. “We are excited to see it continue in 2011.”

Get your VIP invitation to the Construction Forum by e-mailing Allison Rodgers at [email protected].

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