Use Only Approved Disinfectants, EPA Warns

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned the HVACR industry against the use of disinfectants, sanitizers, and other antimicrobial products not registered for use in HVACR systems. In a letter sent to various industry groups, the EPA said it has concerns about the use of inappropriate antimicrobial products being used to treat the surfaces of HVACR systems, most typically air ducts. EPA notes that although the directions for use of many products may permit their use on hard, non-porous surfaces, such directions may not include their use in HVACR systems. “The agency has not assessed the potential exposure and risks to building occupants or applicators from the use of these products in or on any surfaces that are part of HVACR systems in circumstances where the labels do not specifically authorize use in HVACR systems,” says Marcia E. Mulkey, director, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA. “Also, the agency has not assessed whether such products are efficacious when used in HVACR systems.” For more information, visit

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