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R-22 Phaseout: Ready or Not? Our Panel Responds

Our panel representing refrigerant formulators and equipment manufacturers responds to the question: is the HVACR industry ready for the initial phaseout of HCFC R-22?

HVAC Comfortech and HVACR WEEK: What a Week it Was!

HVAC Comfortech 2009 and the premier of HVACR WEEK rocked Nashille, with inspiring presentations, an improved format, and Nashville at night!

Retrocommissioning in a Down Economy: A Logical Sale

Commercial HVAC contractors can win retrocommissioning projects when they promote the long-term benefits of improving building performance to building owners.

Hot Threads on Contracting Business' HVAC-Talk.com

Visit contractingbusiness.com/hotlinks for the latest posts on these hot topics!

  • PROs' Forum, Business & Marketing: Where do you advertise? (‘been in business for 25 years’).

  • PROs' Forum, Technical: Will changing a 6-in. /110 cfm heat run to a 7-in. from the takeoff, and a 6-7-in. reducer affect air flow? (‘air flow question’).

  • Commercial HVAC: Removing compressor out of an air handler. (‘compressor removal’)

Catch Up on the Contracting Business Webinars You Missed

Contracting Business recently offered a free webinar series. If you missed any, they're available in archive so you can attend them at your convenience. Topics for the webinar sessions included:

  • Incorporating Flat-rate Pricing Into Your Company

  • Technicians' Rules of Customer Engagement

  • Discovering the Customer's Needs.

Visit contractingbusiness.com/webinars to catch up on any you may have missed!

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Staying Positive in a Negative World
by Matt Michel

Bad news outsells good news. Matt Michel's 13-part series shows how you can stay positive when surrounded by bad news and negativity. It's just one of many articles you'll receive after you subscribe to our free eNewsletter. ContractingBusiness.com/subscribe.

Monthly Downloads

Matt Michel offers free PDF downloads for ContractingBusiness.com readers from the Service Roundtable's content archives. Service Roundtable members can access a version and edit as needed.

This month's download: In “The Power of Positive Pricing,” Matt Michel writes that, “service prices should be set to earn a targeted net profit.” Michel then provides contractors with a service price calculator, based on the pricing methodology he learned from Contracting Business.com Hall of Fame member, Aaron York. Use it to determine your service pricing. Available at contractingbusiness.com/downloads

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