Why You Must Attend Mechanical Systems Week

It’s not too late to attend Mechanical Systems Week from September 19 – 21 at the Schaumburg Convention Center, just outside Chicago. In other words, it’s not too late to…

• Learn the tips, tricks, and secrets from cutting edge contractors.

• Discover new products, services, and savings from national vendors you may never hear about from your local distributor.

• Network and make personal connections with top contractors, leading consultants, and manufacturing executives.

• Recharge your personal batteries by hanging around with people who are fighting the good fight in a tough economy, winning the battles, and pumping each other up.

HVAC Comfortech was already the single best business focused show and conference in the HVAC industry, bar none. This year, it’s gotten a whole lot better by including plumbing and hydronics and wrapping it altogether as Mechanical Systems Week. For many contractors considering horizontal expansion, this show becomes a rare opportunity to identify vendors and interact with other, non-competitive contractors who play in more than one industry. It also means the trade show and seminar are bigger and better.

The Three Legs of Mechanical Systems Week

Mechanical Systems Week has three main elements…

Seminars – The seminars feature leading contractors and consultants from across the service trades, speaking in:

o Business Management Track o Sales & Marketing Track

o Service Management Track

o Technical HVAC & Hydronics Track

o Plumbing Technical Track

o Commercial HVAC & Hydronics Track

o Technician Training Day

o Innovations & Opportunities Track

o Service Roundtable Members Only Track

Show – Mechanical Systems Week offers the industry’s largest trade show that’s purely focused on contractors like you, not manufacturers reps, engineers, and architects. Be sure to check out NCI’s Performance Town Square and the Service Roundtable’s Vendor Pavilion (Note: You will find complementary cappuccino and beer stations in the pavilion, along with few surprises that are sure to delight you).

Networking – One of the greatest benefits of attending shows like Mechanical Systems Week is the opportunity to network with other contractors. Networking opportunities are designed into Mechanical Systems Week. They include:

o Welcome Reception on Wednesday night

o Service Roundtable's "Best Darn Hospitality Party at Mechanical Systems Week" immediately following the Welcome Reception

o Thursday Night Extravaganza

Extra Meetings and Conferences

Through the years, other groups have merged their meetings with Mechanical Systems Week to offer contractors better value and reduce their travel expense. Look for:

• A.O. Smith’s “High Efficiency Revolution Tour

NATE Testing hosted by G.W. Berkheimer

• Taco’s “Getting In and Out of Hot Water

• RPA’s “Annual Membership Meeting

• Mechanical Systems Week “Refrigeration Roundtable

• ClimateMaster’s “GeoDay

Women in HVACR

• The Service Roundtable’s “National Roundtable on Internet Marketing for Contractors

Getting There

Chicago is one of the easiest cities in the country to travel to. Chicago’s O’Hare airport is a hub for American and United with direct flights from hundreds of cities. It’s a short cab ride to the convention center.

Chicago’s Midway airport is a great place to catch a flight from a low fare carrier. Book a flight today and you can still take advantage of a 14-day advance purchase. You’ve got up to a week for the 7-day advance purchase savings.

If you don’t like flying, Chicago is the home of Amtrak’s long line train service. While not the fast mode of transport, trains really are a great, relaxing way to travel.

Finally, Chicago is within a day’s drive of any city in the Midwest, parts of Ontario, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Mid-South. I-55, I-57, I-65, I-80, I-88, I-90, and I-94 all converge on the Windy City.

When to Arrive and When to Leave

General seminars start on the afternoon of the 19th. Plan on arriving early, or the day before if you want to attend one of the extra meetings or conferences. Women in HVACR starts at 7:00 a.m. The Service Roundtable’s National Roundtable on Internet Marketing for Contractors and NATE Testing both start at 8:00 a.m. GeoDay starts at 9:00 a.m. Check the schedule for other meeting times.

The final seminar is Friday at 5:15 p.m. Stay to the end!

Where to Stay

The convention center hotel is sold out. Ditto for the nearby Embassy Suites. Nothing else is within walking distance. But don’t despair! Janet Thomasson at the Service Roundtable has a few rooms at discount prices reserved at another hotel with a complementary shuttle to the convention center. Give her a call at 877.262.3341 or email her at [email protected].

Planning Your Meeting

To make it easy to get the most out of Mechanical Systems Week, we’ve prepared a handy Show Planner for you to download. Also, you are welcome to attend the First Timer’s Meeting.

It’s a great show. You should – no, you MUST attend it. Plan on it TODAY.

Matt Michel is the CEO of the Service Roundtable, which is celebrating its’ launch 10 years ago at HVAC Comfortech in Baltimore. Stop by their booth in the Service Roundtable Pavilion for a champagne toast, free beer, or cappuccino. Don’t forget to attend his seminar with Steve Miles on “Maximizing Your Mobile Billboard.” To learn more about the Service Roundtable’s “National Roundtable on Internet Marketing for Contractors” and to find out how to attend the Service Roundtable Member’s Only Track featuring Michael Bohinc, Gene Burch, Joe Cunningham, Charlie Greer, Brandon Jacob, Rodney Koop, Jeremy Lowe, Tom Piscitelli, and Matt Prazenka, call 877.262.3341 and ask for the Anniversary Special Offer.

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