William A. Harrison Selects Management Software from Data-Basics

Data-Basics, Cleveland, OH, a provider of service management software to the HVAC industry, announced the addition of Arkansas' leading Trane representative, William A. Harrison, as a client.
The HVACR firm selected Data-Basics' SAM Pro Enterprise software to unify its accounting and service management operations under a single, enterprise-wide software package.
William A. Harrison (www.tranearkansas.com) has provided state-of-the-art HVAC equipment, parts, service, controls and system design to central and western Arkansas since 1983. Seeing the need to streamline operations, the company decided to replace separate accounting and service management software systems with SAM Pro Enterprise.
The technology at the core of SAM Pro Enterprise - helping to enable system-wide integration - is known as Rules-Based Management. The technology proactively manages routine activities and enforces a set of rules to help streamline and automate the service workflow. It does so by enforcing predetermined rules that engage a series of alarms for action when things do not go as planned.

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