Wrightsoft Announces Design Competition Winner

Cristian Popa, Advent Air, Lewisville, TX is the winner of the first annual Wrightsoft Design Competition. Popa’s winning design, an original residential duct system for a 5,600 square foot residence, was created using several modules of Wrightsoft’s HVAC design software, RightSuite Residential. The Wrightsoft Design Competition recognizes excellence in HVAC design through
innovative usage of Wrightsoft software. Designs were carefully reviewed by a panel of
HVAC system design experts including Wrightsoft CEO Bill Wright.
The winning design was chosen based on several factors, including level of completion, project
difficulty, equipment and system design, efficient use of energy, overall system cost, the
level of professionalism, and the appearance of the design documents and system.
For more information, visit www.wrightsoft.com.

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