Wrightsoft Launches New Website

Wrightsoft Corporation has announced the launch of a new
website, at www.wrightsoft.com.
The company says it has designed the new site to be easier to use, and to provide updated information on their new RightSuite Universal HVAC design and sales software package.
“Based on the changing market conditions, we have adjusted our overall messaging and company focus
to enable our customers to continue to succeed,” says Chris Edgren, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our new website makes information about our company more accessible and uses the latest technology to demonstrate our solutions and educate our customers.”
The new Wrightsoft site currently focuses on the solutions offered by the RightSuite software and customer success stories, as well as providing background on the company and technical information such as newsletters, bulletins, and white papers. Users visiting the site will be able to watch videos
demonstrating each of the modules of the RightSuite as well as register to gain access to an exclusive "My Account" area which includes access to download free demo versions and service pack updates, and sign up for an enewsletter.
New features, videos, and exclusive profile management tools will be added to the new Wrightsoft website over time based on customer feedback and interactions.

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