Wrightsoft Receives AHR Expo Award

Wrightsoft, Lexington, MA received an Innovation award from the AHR Expo, in the software category, for its
RightUniversal (RU) program, which combines residential and commercial design capabilities into one product.
Contractors can use the single program for all of their design and sales projects, something which Wrightsoft says is not currently possible
with today’s singlefunction software.
RU integrates the functionalities of Wrightsoft’s industryleading software products to allow users to
quickly switch calculation methods depending upon project requirements, instead of opening and
operating separate programs for each project. For instance, commercial load calculation methods that are
beneficial for high end housing will now be available for use on residential projects, which will also have
access to commercial duct calculations that allow more accurate results for complicated duct designs. At
the same time, commercial projects will now benefit from the additional functionalities of Wrightsoft
modules, RightRadiant Plus, RightProposal Plus, RightLoop, RightSales and Right$, which
allow for a range of design and sales capabilities previously only available in residential design software.
By combining technologies from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), and the Heating, Refrigeration, Air conditioning Institute (HRAI) into a single design and estimating product,
designers can now apply the most appropriate load, duct, radiant and geothermal design methods to any
RU allows realtime switching between the following:
— Residential load methods – ACCA Manual J both 7th and 8th editions, new ASHRAE Residential
Heat Balance Method 1199 and HRAI F280 (Canada).
— Commercial load methods – ASHRAE Commercial Heat Balance Method, ASHRAE Radiant
Time Series (RTS), ACCA Manual N and ASHRAE 24hours CLTD.
— Duct Design Methods – ASHRAE duct method (using ASHRAE duct database), ACCA Manual D
and HRAI duct design (Canada).
RU also uses and introduces to the industry, Wrightsoft’s Layered Materials TechnologyTM (LMT), which
will allow designers to make their own custom material values by layering standard material values,
therefore enabling easy translation into any of the seven calculation methods instantaneously. The
custom materials can be stored in templates and libraries, reducing set up and calculation time.
RU will be available for purchase in the summer of 2007.
For more information, visit www.wrightsoft.com.

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