Wrightsoft Training Builds Sales Effectiveness

Wrightsoft, Lexington, MA has launched a new series of interactive software training sessions. The first sales workshop, held in December, was attended by 21 people representing 12 brands and 16 companies around the country, the workshop focused on the use of Wrightsoft’s Right Sales HVAC software in the home, and the customization of the product to meet the customer’s individual business needs.
Right•Sales enables companies to quickly and easily develop a professional presentation and proposal to match their exact business requirements while simultaneously linking to other Wrightsoft modules for Manual J load calculations, duct design, operating cost analysis, and more. The program involves the customer with an interactive and unique needs-based assessment, incorporating the customer’s answers into a complete bill of material and a ready-to-sign proposal.
Wrightsoft says the new series of workshops will focus on specific aspects of the program, and work with customers individually to ensure their success.
For more information, call 800/225-8697, or visit www.wrightsoft.com.

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