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Xora Adds IndustrySmart Functionality to GPS Tracking

Xora, a leading provider of location-based mobile workforce management solutions, today announced IndustrySmart, a feature that automatically customizes account settings based on a specific industry. These settings are the result of more than two years of extensive research done by Xora, which analyzed industry-specific usage patterns among HVAC contractors and more than 50 other industries.
When setting up an account with Xora, the customer simply selects the appropriate industry and the resulting customization is done automatically via IndustrySmart. For example, if the customer selects residential construction, IndustrySmart automatically customizes the account so that the phone can capture job types and cost codes, as well as other settings specific to residential construction. If the customer chooses pest control, IndustrySmart will customize GPS TimeTrack to record supplies used and customer payment type, as well as other settings specific to pest control.
Xora mobile workforce management applications enable businesses to track and manage field staff via GPS-enabled mobile phones. Mobile workers use the phones to record time sheet and job status information, including when they begin and end shifts and jobs. Office staff can access this information in real-time through web-based maps and reports. Companies use this information to ensure that workers are paid accurately and customers are billed appropriately. This added visibility leads to increased productivity, lower costs and enables the delivery of superior customer service.

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