The Chiller Systems Group’s (CSG) York liaison committee conducted a survey among its members to evaluate York’s performance and products. Areas that were covered in the survey are:

The quality of York’s commercial products

  • The value of the local sales force
  • The value and quality of technical information at the factory level
  • The availability of York parts
  • The receptiveness to our suggestions
  • The receptiveness to us as competitors at the local level

The results did vary from one part of the country to the other, but for the most part, the results were consistent. The CSG agrees that York is by far more aware of and responsive to the group’s needs than the other manufacturers.

A similar survey was conducted three years ago. York’s current ratings showed an improvement in almost all areas.

The Chiller Systems Group strives to make technical information and training available to all contractors who need and want to have it. Knowledge and training are vital to contractors so that they can provide equipment users with the service they deserve at competitive rates.

The Chiller Systems Group is made up of a group of independent contractors who are committed to sharing technical information. To learn more about this group visit their webpage, www.chillergroup.com.

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