The A-Z of Heat Pump Installation & Service

The A-Z of Heat Pump Installation & Service

Heat Pumps: Operation-Installation-Service, by Randy F. Petit, Sr. and Turner L. Collins, and published by Esco Press, is intended to provide a thorough understanding of heat pump theory, installation procedures, service techniques and troubleshooting methods.

Topics covered include: basic principles of heat pump operation, system components, air flow, defrost methods, balance point, secondary heat, electrical control wiring, refrigerant piping, system installation, refrigerant evacuation and charging, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, dual fuel systems and geothermal systems.

For HVACR educators and trainers, a resource disc (with instructor's guide, Power Point that includes speaker's notes) and a heat pump certification exam are available.

Visit this link to purchase, or call 800/726-9696

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