Zonefirst Expands Distribution in Florida, Southwest, West

ZONEFIRST, Elmwood Park, NJ, announced that Florida Air Conditioning Distributors, with 13 locations throughout Florida; and US Air Conditioning Distributors, with more than 40 locations throughout California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, are now stocking the company’s new plug-in zoning systems. The systems use color-coded, push-in wiring terminals and modular cord that plugs in to the zone dampers and panel, for easy wiring.
Each damper includes a 25-ft. length, and additional lengths are also available. According to ZONEFIRST, this is the only system in which the wire is included,and which can be wired quickly. The thermostat, transformer and HVAC Unit wires all push-in to colored terminals that match the colors on most thermostat wires.
Visit for additional information.

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