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    Daikin, Retton, NBC, Weather Channel Team for Summer Olympics Spots

    July 23, 2021
    Daikin Air Quality Index alerts in partnership with The Weather Channel will appear during the Summer Olympic Games.

    HOUSTON, July 23, 2021 – Daikin Industries, Ltd. will be a major player during the 2021 Summer Olympics, as the HVAC manufacturer teams with The Weather Channel, for exclusive Daikin Air Quality Index alerts broadcast across the USA.

    Gold medal gymnast  Mary Lou Retton, winner of five medals during the 1984 summer games, will help relay Daikin’s new brand message, “Perfecting the Air We Share,” during integrated broadcast and digital content created by Comcast-NBC for the summer games.Driving home the brand message is a new television ad campaign, covering both the U.S. and Canada, for “Perfecting the Air We Share.” The :30- and :15-second television ads will air on several networks, including NBC, CNN, Fox, ESPN, USA, Discovery, Lifetime, History, TNT, FX, Canada’s CTV and others which started mid-July.   
    “Introducing Daikin to a broader audience, starting during the summer games in Japan and beyond, is a tremendous opportunity for the company, our distribution chain and our contractors,” said Taka Inoue, executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer. “We realize that now is the right time to invest as more contractors are searching for ways to differentiate themselves and consumers are searching for high efficiency, connected systems and indoor air quality improvements. Daikin’s leadership in technology and product development has recently provided Daikin contractors with products such as Daikin Fit, Daikin One ecosystem and accompanying Daikin One+ smart thermostats, providing Daikin contractors opportunities to revolutionize the future of residential HVAC systems in North America.”On The Weather Channel, Daikin’s new brand message ties seamlessly to the network’s new Daikin Air Quality Index segment, featured nationally every Monday morning and extended into specific air quality forecasts for 33 markets throughout each day. The exclusive, new segments will run through March 2022.

    “The awareness of how incredibly important air quality truly is to our overall health has dramatically increased over the past year,” said Marc Bellanger, Director of Marketing and Communications for Daikin. “As a leader in providing state-of-the-art HVAC and indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, such as our Daikin One ecosystem line of IAQ products, we want to help educate and inform everyone as to what their actual, local community outdoor air quality is, and how Daikin can help monitor and control the quality of air inside their homes where it is most important.”

    All the campaign elements, televised and digital, feature co-branding opportunities and customer lead generation components for Daikin’s independent HVAC contractor network. For example, The Weather Channel’s Daikin Air Quality Indextailored to local markets and Mary Lou Retton’s NBC summer games segments will be co-branded by local Daikin contractors.“The message behind ‘Perfecting the Air We Share’ is that we are all connected, and through technological innovations and a commitment to sustainability, Daikin realizes a better tomorrow begins with better air,” explained Bellanger. “As the official air conditioning of summer, Daikin is thrilled to work with gold medalist legend Mary Lou Retton, NBC, The Weather Channel, and our independent distribution and contractor network to help North American consumers better understand why Daikin is one of the world’s leading indoor comfort solutions providers.”

    For more about Daikin, visit www.NorthAmerica-Daikin.com