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    Daikin Suspends Business with Russia

    March 17, 2022
    Will also provide free accommodations for refugees and educational institutions.

    Adapted from the Likond Press Center:

    Belgium - March 14, 2022  - Air conditioning and heating product manufacturer Daikin has suspended business transactions with Russia, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    "Daikin companies in Europe have suspended business in Russia due to the current situation with the economy, logistics, etc.," the company wrote in an issued statement.

    Daikin will donate one million euros to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, for humanitarian aid to Ukrainian people and those affected by the fighting. It will also provide free accommodations for refugees and educational institutions, and is raising funds to support its Ukrainian employees and their families. 

    Masatsugu Minaka, senior CEO of Daikin Industries and chairman of Daikin Europe, said: "Daikin Europe has more than 1,000 Ukrainian employees working at two of our plants in the Czech Republic, as well as many other locations in our Group. We are very upset. We hope that a peaceful and secure world will return as soon as possible. Daikin will continue to monitor the situation closely and ensure the safety of our staff, as well as cooperate with humanitarian initiatives."

    1,000 Employees

    LIkond reported that there are 1,000 Daikin employees at two Daikin factories in the Czech Republic and elsewhere within the Group. 

    Daikin products are sold in Russia through four distributors: Daichi, United Elements Group, Thermotrade and DAC.