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    Refrigeration 'Apocalypse' — Life Without Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

    Sept. 20, 2018
    People often take air conditioning and refrigeration for granted. Some have actually campaigned for an elimination of air conditioning. Here's a look at what would happen very quickly in a world without those two life essentials.

    Refrigeration and air conditioning have wide-reaching impacts on nearly everything in society. 

    But what would happen if refrigeration and air conditioning disappeared?  The consequences are worse than a sweaty summer and spoiled milk.

    The team at The Refrigeration School – the largest HVACR school in the United States —created "The Refrigeration Apocalypse" infographic. Claims are verified with footnotes.

    Here are examples of what would happen if cooling systems failed:

    2 Hours: Perishable foods spoil
    24 Hours: Most of the Internet goes dark.  Servers need air conditioning.
    2 Days: Supermarket shelves become empty
    1 Month: Medical shortages and hospital mortality rates increase
    1 Year: People flee southern cities.