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AHRI Seeks Member Comment on Tariff Fallout

Please respond ASAP. AHRI expects the new Congress to consider this issue in the first part of 2019

To support a renewed effort to convince Congress and the Trump Administration to rescind the current tariffs on steel and aluminum and certain goods from China, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is seeking information from member companies on the negative effects of those tariffs on U.S. manufacturers. AHRI says that while the information provided by individual manufacturers will obviously be company-specific, the information disseminated to policy makers and the media will be aggregated as industry-wide information.

Please send information on the negative effects of the tariffs, including increased equipment prices, employment impacts, and any other effects, to Francis Dietz, at [email protected] 

AHRI sources say it expects the new Congress to consider this issue in the first part of 2019, so timely information is essential if AHRI is to have any influence. 

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