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Barton James, left, with representatives from Hiller HVAC during the 2023 ACCA Conference.

ACCA's James to Serve on BIPAC Board

Feb. 5, 2024
BIPAC advances interests of contractor members across myriad industries.

Alexandria, VA (February 2, 2024) - Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is pleased to announce that President and Chief Executive Officer Barton James has been elected to the board of directors for the Bipartisan Political Action Committee (BIPAC).  

As a mission-based, nonprofit organization, BIPAC is dedicated to electing political candidates who champion pro-prosperity agendas. Due to its mission of advancing the interests of contractor members (most of whom represent small businesses), ACCA has been a longtime supporter of BIPAC. 

BIPAC strengthens corporate and association grassroots, voter education, and PAC initiatives through curated resources, programs, technology, and political analysis. Additionally, BIPAC seeks to educate, engage, and motivate employees, stakeholders, and networks in the civic process. 

James joins an impressive lineup of leaders ranging from the auto industry to the lumber industry. The BIPAC Board of Directors is composed of 35 government relations professionals representing a diverse variety of companies and associations. Three other incoming leaders were elected alongside James: Jane Crumpler of Rolls-Royce America, Jessica Hamilton of Airbus, and Angel Riley of Philips North America.  

“We are excited to expand our board with four new members who each bring a unique expertise and insight to our work and mission,” said BIPAC President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Riordan. “We are committed to ensuring BIPAC’s board and leadership represents a variety of leaders from different industry sectors, regions of the country, industry experience, and political affiliations and our newest board members are no exception.”  

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James brings a wealth of unique government affairs experience to BIPAC. Prior to joining ACCA in 2016 as senior vice president of government relations, James served as the executive director of the National Mitigation Banking Association, director of advocacy for the Land Trust Alliance, and director of public policy for Ducks Unlimited. During this time, he designed and implemented strategic plans, built political advocacy campaigns, and directed lobbying activities to establish, maintain, and improve relationships with key policy makers.

Representing contractor interests in Washington is at the heart of what ACCA does for its members.  

“It is my pleasure to serve ACCA members by representing their voice on the BIPAC Board of Directors,” James said. “ACCA is proud to play an active role in helping advance economic prosperity for our contractor membership. I’m honored to represent the interests of our contractors, and to work toward a brighter future for them.”