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Nomination Window Opens for CB HVACR HALL OF FAME

May 3, 2022
Colleagues may nominate someone who has made a lifetime of contributions as an HVACR industry consultant or independent HVACR contractor.

May 3, 2022 - A 30-day nomination window opens today for nominees into the Contracting Business HVACR Hall of Fame.

The Contracting Business HVACR Hall of Fame was established in 1994, in the magazine's 50th year, to honor those independent, residential or commercial HVACR contractors and consultants who have made significant lifetime contributions to the HVACR industry. Those elected to the Hall have been selected by their peers as outstanding individuals who have raised the level of quality in business operations or in their efforts as consultants, thereby making it a more lucrative field for all contractors. 

Among the current 43 Hall inductees are: Thomas "Doc" Rusk; Robert Owens; Ernest R. Menold, PE; Wallace Lee; Buck St. Cyr; Jon Pierce; Ron Smith; Tom McCart; Jackie Rainwater; Charlie Greer; Steve Saunders; Larry Taylor; Vicki LaPlant, John LaPlant; Matt Michel; and Ben Stark.

We ask those who submit a nomination to please include all of the following that apply:

  • Entrepreneurial excellence throughout his or her many years of owning and running  an independent HVACR business?
  • Introduced particular principles of HVACR business management that are still in use to this day? An example would be Ron Smith and the introduction of the service agreement.
  • Displayed exemplary business acumen in the way he or she has built their business, with excellent profit margins that keep the business functioning as it should?
  • Served his or her peer group through mentorship?
  • Served as a teacher in a professional consultant capacity, providing foundational business principles to contractors that have placed them on a path to success?
  • Given of their time as a presenter at many industry events?

There are two ways to nominate:

1. Complete the nomination form below, OR 2. Send a thorough nominating letter to [email protected].

Whichever method is used, please describe the candidate's lifetime of achievements and contributions as an independent HVACR contracting business person or industry consultant. 

Please provide adequate and verifiable proof of the person's qualifications. One or two sentences will not be sufficient.  

The voting process will be decided based solely on the nominee's qualifications, and not on politics or friendships. Inductees will be voted on by a panel of current Hall of Fame members.