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CALL FOR PROJECTS: Quality Home Comfort Awards

Send us your best residential HVAC installations from the past year, for our 2018 Quality Home Comfort Awards. It's easy to enter, and every good project will be included.

Contracting Business is accepting entries for its 2018 Quality Home Comfort Awards.

The QHC awards is our way of featuring some of the best residential heating and cooling projects by many of the HVAC industry's best contractors from the past year, including the 2018 cooling season.

And with our Internet capabilities, there is no limit to the number of projects we will showcase, from the 1500 sq. ft. bungalow to a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion!

Your work will be featured on a national scale, in the September print, digital and Internet editions of Contracting Business.

The process to enter has been streamlined. Simply send along few good paragraphs explaining:

  • The nature of the project. Was it a simple change-out or were there significant challenges?
  • Were there any significant customer concerns, such as indoor air quality, excessive humidity, or overall poor system performance?
  • How did your team overcome those challenges?
  • A single-page ACCA Manual J commissioning report.
  • Good quality photos (taken with a digital camera, not a phone).
  • Listing of main products, including type of system, brand, and valuable add-ons, such as zoning, controls or indoor air quality systems.

We accept forced air, geothermal, mini-splits and radiant/hydronic projects.

PROJECTS must be prepared and submitted by contractors, not manufacturers.

Send your entries to Terry McIver, director of content, at [email protected]

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: August 17, 2018.

You can also submit projects to Terry over Dropbox.



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