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Quality Home Comfort Awards: Home Rescue Includes Comprehensive HVAC Installation

Corey Hickmann and his team from Comfort Matters were on the scene to work their magic following a customer's home fire.

A fire in a faulty air exchanger caused fire and smoke damage in a recently-purchased home in Minnesota. Soon, Corey Hickmann and his team from Comfort Matters Heating & Cooling, Maple Grove, Minn., were on the scene to work their magic.
Hickmann said the smoke damage to the home was significant.

“We had to remove all the duct work and start over. Most of the sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, and insulation was also removed. We battled the smokey smell and brought the home back to what it was,” Hickmann said.

“We installed a new furnace and air conditioner, filtration system, make up air, garage heater, boiler system, humidifier, and domestic water storage tank.”

The bathroom had been remodeled, and the customer asked if the team could install heated seats in the shower. The boiler system made it possible.

“They also wanted better temperature control, so we put in a Bryant modulating three-zone system,” Hickmann said.

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