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A Minute with McIver
The Best and Worst of HVAC

The Best and Worst of HVAC

Over the past week, we've started two new photo galleries on the "Wall of Shame," and the "Wall of Pride." These will contain photos found on our discussion forum, the industry's largest.

At various times, these galleries will provide a brief look at some of the best work by some of the HVAC industry's best contractors . . . and some terrible work by slugs, fly-by-nighters and bums.

OUR PURPOSE is to proudly exhibit some of the best work by some of the best HVACR contractors in the business. The Wall of Pride will astound you. It offers proof as to why a customer must be careful about who they allow to install or service their commercial or residential HVAC systems or commercial refrigeration systems.

The Wall of Shame will remind you of what you're up against every day: lowballing "contractors" who cut corners and give the rest of the industry a black eye.

The Wall of Pride will show what your best colleagues are doing, and hopefully, will inspire all contractors to focus on quality and training, every single day.

So, watch for those key words — "Wall of Shame" and "Wall of Pride" — and click on them whenever they announce new photos have been posted.

Click here for the Wall of Shame.

Click here for the Wall of Pride.

If you're not a member of, sign up today. It's free.


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