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From a website entitled New York City Times Square Action Traffic GDEFONRU
<p>From a <a href="" target="_blank">website </a> entitled, &quot;New York City Times Square Action Traffic GDEFONRU.&quot;</p>

New York is Action Central for the HVACR Industry This Week

It's 10AM on Monday, January  21, 2014, and I'm sitting at my gate at the airport awaiting a flight to LaGuardia in New York. It's empty at first, but slowly, as flight time approaches, the gate area becomes more crowded with locals who represent all walks of life in the mechanical systems industry. It's a microcosm of the show we're all heading to: the 2014 edition of the AHR Expo.

Interestingly, everyone seems to know each other. It's like a reunion. And so the annual trek toward knowledge, networking, and fun begins.

For those of you planning to join the tens of thousands journeying to the Jacob Javits Center, get ready -- this year's event shows signs of really setting the stage for the year to come. And if you aren't going to The Big Apple, no worries -- just watch daily here on and on for hour-by-hour updates on what our editorial team finds at the show. 

We'll be Tweeting as we go too, so look for the hashtag #CBahr14. In fact, if you're attending the show, feel free to join the conversation using this hashtag. We'd love to have your opinions and thoughts as well.

Yes, NYC is action central for the HVACR industry. We hope to see you there or here, online.

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