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A Minute with McIver

Winging Westward to AHR Expo

This weekend I'll join the CB editiorial team as we wing our way to Dallas for the 65th Annual Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Exposition.

This is one of the HVACR industry's show-of-shows, ranking right up there with our own annual event, HVAC Comfortech.

The 2013 AHR Expo will bring about 30,000 HVACR industry professionals together to meet, greet, buy, sell, and learn. It's an exciting event, as HVACR contractors, educators, and engineers walk the aisles and visit educational sessions, to see and hear the latest in HVACR for 2013.

Personally, my docket's pretty full. The CB team logs many miles at this event, responding to invitations from exhibitors who rely on us to help them get the word out about their newest innovations. In total, the Contracting team will visit more than 100 exhibits, press conferences, and networking events.

OUR BOOTH IS #1204. PLEASE STOP BY. If the editor you seek isn't there when you visit, please leave your card and we'll be in touch.

We'll be reporting back during the show and upon our return, both online and in print.

If you're an HVACR CONTRACTOR who will be going to Dallas, give me a holler at [email protected] to set up a time to meet to walk the floor for a bit. I'd like to get your opinions on some of the technologies on display.


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