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Lori Tschohl delivered her acceptance speech during the Women in HVACR annual conference in Jacksonville, Florida.

Giant Steps for Women in HVACR

Feb. 27, 2024
Lori Tschohl, 2024 President of Women in HVACR, outlines the organizations plans for 2024 and beyond.

These remarks are taken from Lori Tschohl's acceptance speech as 2024 President of Women in HVACR.

I am deeply honored to assume the role of President of Women in HVACR. I have made it my mission to bring about additional growth and transformation within Women in HVACR in 2024. As your President, I am dedicated to leading this organization toward new horizons.

As we set our sights on 2024, one of our primary goas os to enhance the capabilities and expertise of our board members. We recognize the importance of equipping our leadership team with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles. This involves a comprehensive and in-depth training program to ensure that our board is well-prepared to serve our valued members. 

'We are dedicated to creating a leadership team that is not only knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about our mission.'

Our vision is to ensure that Women in HVACR serves its fundamental purpose: to improve the lives of our members by providing a professional avenue for women to connect, grow their careers and succeed in the HVACR industry. Our board will mirror this commitment. We are dedicated to creating a leadership team that is not only knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about our mission. Through their dedication, our board will empower women to succeed by facilitating networking opportunities, mentoring relationships and providing essential education.

In pursuit of a more responsive and connected Women in HVACR, we understand that accessibility and efficiency are paramount. To achieve this, we have designed plans to introduce additional roles within our administration. By bolstering our administrative staff, we aim to ensure that members' feedback and inquiries are meet with more prompt and effective responses. 

WHVACR on the Road

One of our most exciting ventures for 2024 is the concept of bringing WHVACR directly to you, no matter where you are located. We plan to host four regional events in this year, to facilitate greater participation from our members, but also strengthen our community bonds. 

Our regional events initiative, developed by our visionary Marcia Christianson, is a robust platform that expands our collaborative horizons and creates various unique opportunities. These events are designed to facilitate close collaboration with the employees of partner companies, vendors, dupporters nd distributors across multiple regions. By extending our reach, we open doors to enage with a more diverse set of industry professionals.

Education Endowment Fund

We recognize that scholarship lies at the heart of our mission. One of the most significant barriers to entry in to the HVACR industry is the cost of education. Many aspiring women in this field face financial contraints that make it challenging to pursue their dreams, even when their passion and desire to excel are unwavering. Technical schools and colleges provide valuable education and training, but they can be expensive for many. This financial barrier not only affects the individual, but also hinders the industry's potential for growth and diversity. 

To address this issue, Women in HVACR has started an education Endowment Fund as a beacon of hope for aspiring women in HVACR. It enables us to recognize and support deserving women who aspire to excel in this field. 

We accept scholarship applications each year until June 1, and award the scholarships in September. 

By fostering partnerships, raising awareness and engaging with industry stakeholders we can magnify the impact of our scholarship program. We encourage industry leaders, businesses and fellow organizations to join us in this crucial mision. Together, we can break down the financial barriers that deter talented women from pursuing careers in HVACR.

WHVACR is in the midst of a significant growth pattern. This growth is a testament to the tireless dedication and commitment of our board, members, partners, sponsors and supporters. It's a reflection of the passion and drive that underscores our mission. We are fortunate to collaborate with organization that share our vision and values, such as Women in Plumbing & Piping, LadyTitans, INWIC and many others. These allliances ar not just about collaboration; they represent of collective effort to break barriers, create opportunities nad build a stronger future for women in the trades. 

I'd like to acknowledge the incredible work of Colleen Keyworth. As she transitions from her dedicated work with Women in HVACR, she is working to foster the growth of International Network of Women in Cooling. I must also recognize the contibutions of the remarkable women on our board: Erica Leonor, Sarah Hammond, Laurelyn Arriaga, Tanya Steindl, Kristin Gallup, Becky Hoelscher, Jane Sidebottom, Crystal Williams, Linda Rodriguez, Marcia Christiansen, Colleen Keyworth and Kerri Cup. 

Together, we are breaking new ground, empowering women in the HVACR industry, and building a legacy of progress and success. Here's to the exciting journey ahead.

Lori Tschohl is 2024 President of Women in HVACR, and owner of Eagle Pipe & Mechanical LLC, Port Ludlow, WA. The Endowment Fund was made possible by a $25,000 gift from WHVACR Founder and HVAC business consultant, Ruth King. Donations are accepted.