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Empowering Women in the Trades

May 7, 2024
Breaking away from the silos of the past, collaborative efforts not only break down gender barriers but also foster an environment where diverse perspectives thrive.


In the traditionally male-dominated realm of the trades, women are not merely breaking barriers; they are reshaping the narrative of leadership, collaboration, and operational excellence. The journey for women in the trades extends beyond mere representation; it's about forging a collective identity, leveraging unique perspectives, and impacting the daily decisions that drive businesses forward. Let's explore the power of collaboration, networking, amplifying voices, and challenging biases to make a lasting impact as a woman in the trades.

Collaboration: A Catalyst for Change

Women in the trades are proving that collaboration is the foundation of success. Breaking away from the silos of the past, collaborative efforts not only break down gender barriers but also foster an environment where diverse perspectives thrive. By uniting forces, women contribute to a collective strength that transcends individual accomplishments, making a profound impact on the operational dynamics of the trades.

Women in the trades are proving that collaboration is the foundation of success.

Networking: Forging Connections and Breaking Stereotypes

Networking has long been a driving force in professional growth, and for women in the trades, it serves as a potent tool for dismantling stereotypes. Through strategic networking, women build relationships, share experiences, and open doors for each other. As they establish themselves as vital players in the trades, these networks become a source of empowerment, mentorship, and advocacy. There are many groups that empower women to be heard, seen, and known in the trades. I would encourage your business to become a part of the connection and conversation to elevate your own employee's career trajectory and leadership skills.

Supporting Women Who Aren't in the Room: A Collective Responsibility

Empowering women in the trades goes beyond personal success—it's about extending support to those who might not be present in the room. Advocacy becomes a collective responsibility, and women in leadership positions play a crucial role in championing the voices of their peers. This approach fosters an inclusive culture that transcends gender, making room for diverse talents and perspectives.

Bringing Voices to the Forefront: Speaking Up and Being Heard

Visibility is a catalyst for change. Women in the trades are working towards understanding the significance of bringing their voices to the forefront. Whether it's speaking at industry events, contributing to discussions, or leading conversations, being heard is about being seen and known. By actively participating and lending their expertise, women reshape perceptions and demonstrate their indispensable contributions to the trades.

Women at the Helm: Running Operations and Driving Decisions

It's not just about bringing more women into the trades; it's about recognizing and appreciating the women who already play pivotal roles in running operations and shaping daily decisions. From project management to strategic planning, to owning and operating businesses, women are making substantial contributions that impact the bottom line. Recognizing and valuing their leadership is crucial for fostering an inclusive and thriving industry.

Understanding Operational Differences: Bridging the Gender Gap in Bias

The path to unity in the trades involves a nuanced understanding of operational differences. By leaning heavily into bias without thought, the industry perpetuates stereotypes that hinder progress. The goal is not to segregate or emphasize gender differences but to unite under the common banner of expertise and excellence. Recognizing the strengths that both men, women, and people bring to the table ensures a more dynamic and effective industry.

Uniting Perspectives: Celebrating Diversity in the Trades

Our industry, like many others, is a tapestry of diverse talents and perspectives. Women bring unique viewpoints that enrich the sector, enhancing problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. By uniting perspectives and understanding the inherent value of diversity, the trades can thrive on the strengths that all people bring to the table, creating a culture of inclusion and excellence.

Making an impact as a woman in the trades is not just about personal achievement; it's about reshaping the industry's narrative. Through collaboration, networking, supporting those not in the room, amplifying voices, and challenging biases, women are contributing to a paradigm shift. By recognizing and celebrating the operational impact women have in running businesses, the industry can move towards a more inclusive, united, and thriving future.

Sarah Ghirardo is a dynamic force in the trades industry, currently serving as the Senior Content Manager for Pro Products at ServiceTitan, and a leader of LadyTitans. With a rich background and extensive experience, she has become a trailblazer not only in the realm of marketing in the trades but also in empowering women within the trades. She is also active a new organization for women called E3, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower, equip, and elevate women on a journey that leads to courageous life change. /