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2016 AHR Expo: Titus HVAC unveils light-powered digital diffuser

2016 AHR Expo: Titus HVAC unveils light-powered digital diffuser

Titus HVAC unveils light-powered digital diffuser during the 2016 AHR Expo.

Titus HVAC has elevated comfort control and energy efficiency to new heights with Helios, the HVAC industry’s first digital diffuser that is powered by both ambient light and direct sunlight. The variable air volume (VAV) diffuser can be used with thermostats and is completely wireless, enabling maximum comfort, greater efficiency and simplified installation.

Typically, VAV diffusers must be connected to an outside power source such as a building’s power supply, leading to decreased energy efficiency. Beyond the energy losses, the connections create headaches for contractors because they also require cables and cords that complicate and hinder system installations. Helios eliminates both of those issues because it’s wireless and is equipped with a solar cell that can be charged by ambient light and direct sunlight.

“Titus has always pushed the boundaries of air distribution innovation,” said Derrick Smith, product manager, terminal units and underfloor air distribution, Titus HVAC. “We’ve continued that tradition through the introduction of Helios, the industry’s first-ever light-powered digital diffuser, which sets a new benchmark for personal comfort and energy efficiency.”

Helios VAV diffuser is ideal for office, healthcare and education applications. They will be available for purchase in spring 2016.

For more information on Helios or other air management products from Titus, visit


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