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2016 HVAC Design/Build Awards: Collaborations

2016 HVAC Design/Build Awards: Collaborations

CLICK ON EACH CONTRACTOR'S NAME TO READ THEIR STORY: EMCOR Services New England Mechanical Haller Enterprises Integrated Facility Services Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Wiegmann Associates

Haller Enterprises

The best mechanical systems solutions are the result of close collaborations between contractors and clients, and often third parties, who help with special incentives or financing.

Our five winning 2016 Design/Build projects made great use of those collaborative relationships to achieve premium comfort, modern efficiency and the utmost in energy savings.

EMCOR Services New England Mechanical

Haller Enterprises walked the walk of community service by working with the general contractor to bring new life to a local mission’s 30-year-old facility.

EMCOR Services New England Mechanical worked with a local bank to obtain C-PACE financing for a building’s window replacement, as it was installing new comfort systems in an occupied office building.

Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Mechanical Contractors, Inc. worked with Trane and the general contractor to install an outstanding, ice storage and air-cooled chiller-based comfort solution for an organization that knows something about comfort: Ingersoll Rand/Trane.

Wiegmann Associates

Wiegmann Associates, St. Charles, Mo., collaborated with an aerospace/defense company to design a solution that would be cost-effective without compromising the HVAC and piping systems for the distribution of specialty gas, chilled water and compressed air.

Integrated Facility Services, St. Louis, Mo., collaborated with Trane to replace and renovate 75-year- old air handlers, refurbish a massive boiler and install Trane Tracer controls in the 100-year-old Missouri Athletic Club. This was a concept plan-and-spec project.

Integrated Facility Services, Inc.

(NOTE: our October print edition incorrectly identifies IFS as Integrated Facility Solutions, which is an actual firm, but is not the contractor for this project).




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