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Technology Update: Commercial Hydronics

Dec. 15, 2008
TAC Field Devices’ line of zone valves now includes the Erie PopTop™ motorized hydronic range.


The AB-QM TX thermal expansion valve provides control and balance in one compact valve. It can be used separately as an automatic flow limiter valve or as a combined flow limiter and control valve when fitted with an actuator. According to company sources, the setting is extremely user friendly and reliable, making the AB-QM TX maintenance free.

The AB-QM TX valve can balance and control terminal units such as fancoils, chilled ceilings, and air handling units. By fitting the AB-QM TX valve with one of four different types of Danfoss actuators, the AB-QM TX valve is upgraded to a control valve with full authority supplying both temperature control and flow balancing in one valve. As a result, the AB-QM TX can be used in all cooling and heating applications.


Honeywell introduces the Sola Hydronic Control. Its key functions include: a primary safety control, igniter/ spark generator, high limit control, operating and PID load controls for heating and domestic hot water, pump control, and outdoor reset control.

According to company sources, the display options provide multiple levels of control, diagnostic information and allow for remote monitoring. Sources say that the green advantages of the Sola Control are that the features reduce installation time and wiring and cabinet space by combining multiple devices with a single, integrated device. The setback feature saves fuel by reducing boiler output temperature for low use or unoccupied periods.

The Sola Control works with steam and hydronic low mass commercial boilers.


The NeoTherm® condensing boiler from Laars Heating Systems is a fully packaged, hydronic solution. Featuring seven sizes that range from 80,000- 500,000 BTU, the direct vent, sealed combustion boiler has a 95% efficiency with a 5 to 1 turndown.

The NeoTherm is available for natural or propane gas, with a selection of factory-mounted options. Indoor models are suitable for a broad variety of both residential and commercial applications. NeoTherm is built standard with the Laars Integrated Control System that puts the ignition control, temperature control and high limit in one device that does it all. The PID control system has outdoor reset and indirect water heater priority (sensors sold separately), frost protection, and other features. It works with other controls to become part of a multiple boiler sequencing control, and works with building automation systems.


Insparisk introduces Versentia™, a suite of software solutions for the safety inspection industry including boilers, elevators, fire detection/suppression systems, building facades, HVAC equipment, and electrical panels.

The first application - Versentia for boiler inspection-manages inspections and client data in the boiler industry and combines customized routing and inspection functionality. Through a powerful backend database, it synchronizes with Versentia Mobile™ on Tablet PCs to support inspectors in the field.

Using its Versentia software, Insparisk has performed nearly 270,000 boiler inspections in New York City to date on behalf of building owners, property managers, governmental agencies, property & casualty insurance carriers and others.

According to company sources, Versentia for boiler inspection increases the efficiency and accuracy of the boiler inspection process and enables inspections to be filed electronically, as well as tracked and catalogued with digital photographs. All inspection information is easily accessible for customers online via the Internet.

The comprehensive functionality of Versentia enables inspectors to schedule inspection routes and upload and download job details including routes, contact information, boiler records, prior inspection results, inspection data, and digital images. It also initiates billing and inspection notification, and checks NYC Department of Buildings processing dates to guarantee compliance.

Insparisk’s secure website enables both inspectors and their clients to easily access safety information 24/7 including information related to accounts and job status: inspection reports, filing dates, and building location and contact information. It also enables fee payments online.


Lochinvar Corporation introduces the Sync Condensing Boiler with an advanced touch screen control system (Smart Touch). Sync combines stainless steel heat exchanger technology with modulating/condensing combustion to deliver thermal efficiency as high as 98%. With models producing 1.0, 1.3 and 1.5 million BTU/hr inputs, low NOx operation and 10:1 turndown, Sync serves a wide range of commercial applications, offering green technology for building owners and facility managers.

Smart Touch, touch screen technology enables the user to set up a synchronized green system and allows access to a complete onboard database of real-time operations data and performance history. Equipped with a built-in cascading sequencer for up to eight boilers, the control system allows Sync to deliver up to 12 million BTU/hr heating capacity.

Patterson Pump Company

Patterson’s HVAC frame-mounted end suction pumps offer reliability and flexibility to serve all HVAC applications. According to company sources, they’re engineered in a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption.

Their precision cast, dynamically balanced impeller minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life. Flows to 2,500 GPM, with heads to 450-ft. total dynamic head (TDH). Close-coupled models are also available.


The Peerless® Pinnacle® PI-399 gasfired, commercial boiler is available for either natural or LP gas. The direct-vent, sealed combustion boiler offers a fully modulating burner and 95% combustion efficiency. Spark ignition, a safety relief valve, and the Dungs Gas Valve -Venturi System all are standard features and ensure safe, efficient operation.

According to company sources, the PI-399 boiler is equipped with the P825 Control Board that offers state-of-the-art technology, including outdoor reset control with an additional outdoor temperature sensor. The P825 also has built-in technology for domestic hot water priority when an optional indirect tank sensor is added. With this feature, the temperature setpoint and differential temperature of the domestic hot water can be regulated through the boiler control. The P825 control board’s LED digital display module lets users view supply and return temperatures, flame signal and fan speed (firing rate) for enhanced boiler serviceability. A switch to "service mode" enables contractors to manually control the firing rate. An optional interface module allows for modulating sequencing of multiple boilers and the capability of interfacing with building energy management systems.


Rheem introduces the RPWE Series 7.5-and 10-ton high efficiency commercial remote heat pump. Key benefits of the remote heat pump include:

• The scroll compressor is sealed with internal high temperature protection, and durable insulation on motor windings. The heat pump features a control box with separate line and control voltages, refrigerant control access panels, and molded plugs on the fan motor for smooth removal. In addition, an electrical access cover may be opened or removed without affecting operation.

• Powder coat paint that protects guards against extreme weather conditions, and is able to withstand the 1000-hour salt-spray test.

• Remote mounting of the heat pump not only saves space, but also keeps compressor and condenser noise outside. Vertical discharge fans carry the sound up and away from the surrounding area.

• The heat pump is protected by a five-year compressor warranty and a one-year limited parts warranty.


Raypak announces the XTherm, a vertical modulating condensing boiler in sizes up to 2000 MBTU. XTherm combines high recovery copper fin technology with control and combustion advancements.

The extreme burner turndown produces up to 99% efficiency at low fire, and it meets 2012 LoNOx standards.


TAC Field Devices’ line of zone valves now includes the Erie PopTop™ motorized hydronic range.

Erie PopTop is available in two-way and three-way port configurations, and factory coupled or as individual bodies and actuators. The full range includes: general close-off two-position valves and actuators, modulating Spring Return valves and actuators, two-position valves and actuators, and modulating non-spring return valves and actuators.


Takagi, a manufacturer of tankless gas water heaters, announced the launch of its T-M32.

The T-M32 is the second largest model in Takagi’s line. It can generate up to 240,000 BTU’s per hour with an average thermal efficiency of 80% for natural gas and liquid propane. It starts heating water at 0.5 gallons per minute, allowing for lower-flow operations, and can produce an unlimited supply of hot water at a maximum flow rate of nine gallons per minute.

The T-M32 can meet the hot water needs of both small-and large-use commercial applications, from day spas and schools, to hospitals and hotels. Up to four units can be linked together without the need of an additional control box or for much larger applications. Up to 20 Mobius units can be installed together using a single main control system. This set-up allows the building owner or facility manager to customize the water heating system by using the correct number of units to meet the building’s hot water requirements.

At HVAC Comfortech 2008, 15 products were recognized for their innovative nature. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We’ll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business. This month, we feature Rinnai’s Hydronic Air Handler, the winner in the Hydronics category. For information on any of the products listed here, circle the appropriate number(s) on the reader service card at the back of this issue or visit

Rinnai Introduces Hydronic Air Handler

Rinnai Corporation has introduced the Tankless Heating System (THS). The THS combines its line of tankless water heaters with a hydronic air handler to deliver on-demand heat using the same heat source for both domestic hot water and space heating.

According to company sources, Rinnai is the first tankless manufacturer to offer its own hydronic air handler. It works seamlessly with the tankless water heater, ensuring optimum heat output by using a custom-designed pump to maintain a constant flow through the coil during operation, sources say.

Rinnai developed a unique priority system that temporarily shuts down the air handler during heavy domestic hot water demand and then re-starts it once sufficient hot water is again available for the heating function. This prevents the unit from blowing cold air and starving the pump of sufficient flow.

The control board includes the following features: connections for a thermostat, air conditioning system or heat pump, humidifier, electronic air cleaner and UV lamp, automatic on-delay and programmable off-delay functions, automatic purge feature, and an LED status indicator.