RSES Now Provides Hydrocarbon Training, Certificate

Jan. 24, 2013
The Hydrocarbon Refrigerants study guide includes: introduction to hydrocarbon refrigerants; regulations and standards; refrigerant safety; compressor-terminal venting; compressor changeout; system flushing, purging, and pressure testing for leaks and more.

Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) now offers Hydrocarbon Refrigerants training material and certification. The news was part of the RSES Conference and HVACR Technology Expo, in conjunction with the RSES Mid-Southeast Regional Association Conference in November. 

The Hydrocarbon Refrigerants study guide is designed to assist service technicians in understanding the requirements to safely maintain and service systems that utilize flammable refrigerants, including R-290, R-600a and R-441A, currently approved under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternatives Policy Program.

The Hydrocarbon Refrigerants study guide includes the following topics:

  • introduction to hydrocarbon refrigerants
  • regulations and standards
  • refrigerant safety
  • compressor-terminal venting
  • compressor changeout
  • system flushing, purging, and pressure testing for leaks
  • compressor misuse
  • compatibility
  • service procedures
  • temperature-pressure chart for HC refrigerants
  • SNAP appendix detailing substitutes subject to use restrictions.

In addition to the study guide, Hydrocarbon Refrigerants is also available through RSES eLearning as a training course and test, or a test-only option. The online training course includes the Hydrocarbon Refrigerants study guide PDF, an online review and test. Individuals interested in the online training course or test may make purchases online; however, interested groups or companies are encouraged to contact RSES directly by calling 800/297-5660 x2337, or by e-mailing: [email protected].