HVAC Products and Equipment Tech Update: January 2011

Jan. 1, 2011
HVAC mechanical systems products featured include commercial chillers, variable refrigerant volume system, applied equipment, as well as residential hybrid heating, geothermal, and solar products and systems.


Daikin AC introduces the Round Flow cassette fan coil units (model FXFQ-PVE) designed to provide 360 degree air flow, and reduce drafts, temperature fluctuations and air velocity. The 3x3-ft. fan coil units can be combined with Daikin's VRVIII-S, VRVIII, and VRV-WIII. The unit will be available in seven different capacity sizes ranging from 9,000 to 48,000 BTUH and incorporates many features unique to Daikin, sources say.

The design of the Round Flow ceiling cassette features a new drain pan structure and discharge grill style, resulting in effective and uniformed 360 degree air distribution into the space. The unit features a hollow, serrated design turbo fan combined with a new high efficiency fan motor to improve performance and reduce sound levels to as low as 27 dBA.
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Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems provide the heating and cooling flexibility that’s required in multi-zoned buildings, without the limitations of ducted systems, sources say. These systems are available in a variety of configurations for both new and existing buildings. Multi-zone temperature control allows the system to handle diverse heating and cooling loads, while giving occupants the ability to adjust temperature to satisfy individual comfort needs.

According to company sources, Johnson Controls VRF systems are ideal for commercial office buildings subject to diverse loads and varying occupant levels. They're also designed for schools, hotels, nursing homes and other commercial living spaces where occupants want either heating or cooling at the same time.
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LG's Multi-V VRF technology uses both inverter and constant speed compressors in tandem to provide an efficient means of meeting a customer's heating and air conditioning needs. This technology further reduces operational noise for a better guest experience. Hoteliers will appreciate that it limits energy expenses and uses the industry-standard refrigerant R-410A, sources claim.

The advanced VRF heat pump system in LG's Multi-V Mini uses sophisticated inverter technology and zoned evaporators that promote better dehumidification and tighter temperature control while avoiding unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied rooms. Hoteliers can use this technology to control which rooms operate to avoid energy usage.

Enhancing the durability of the Multi-V system, this model comes with LG's Gold Fin Anti-corrosion coil protection. This means that the outdoor coil surface is covered and protected from the corrosive effects of outside air, thereby extending the operational life of the unit.
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McQuay announces its premier line of Maverick II commercial rooftop systems. The new optimized Maverick II rooftop system provides building owners with unmatched room temperature control and comfort through the use of modulating hot gas reheat and precise controls. The new functionality includes integrated compressor and reheat control that automatically energizes the reheat whenever dehumidification is needed, without using additional energy. The modulated hot gas reheat control feature reduces fluctuations in air temperature and humidity levels, helping to ensure a consistently comfortable environment, which makes it ideal for use in healthcare facilities, schools, hotels and office buildings, company sources say. By using micro-channel coils in the reheat design, more Btu per square foot of coil is achieved and less refrigerant charge is used, which minimizes maintenance and omits the need for receivers.
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Mitsubishi Electric has introduced its new VRF PWFY hydronic heat exchanger, which functions in various modes to provide hot water or cooled water.

The basic PWFY hydronic heat exchanger unit is available in two sizes – 36,000 and 72,000 BTU – and operates in three modes – heating (full temperature range), heating ECO (supply temperature based on outdoor ambient) and anti-freeze (maintains circulation to prevent pipe freeze). The PWFY can provide hot water from 86 to 113F and cool water from 50 to 86F. This unit is connectable to Mitsubishi Electric VRF modular units, water source modular units and hyper-heating units.
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Multistack LLC announces the newly enhanced Multistack MS-500F, a 500-ton water-cooled chiller that features four MagLev™ oil-free compressors (manufactured by Danfoss Turbocor Compressors), mounted on a common set of shells for maximum performance and redundancy.

Multistack incorporated design elements such as industrial-grade controls (both I/O and embedded PC), aerospace technology based oil-free compressors, factory-installed and optimized components to manage and enhance refrigerant flow, unit-contained control power supply with no transformers required, wireless power distribution to all compressors via a proprietary buss bar system using triple grounded and shielded VFD cabling to all four Maglev compressors.
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The Trane model CGAM air-cooled scroll chiller now offers a factory-installed evaporator pump package designed to save time at installation and commissioning. The system’s energy efficiency and low noise make it ideal for the K-12 educational environment. It can also be used effectively in commercial real estate, healthcare and other markets, company sources say.

Featuring a dual pump setup for built-in redundancy – offering lead/lag and failure/recovery capability – this pump package is controlled via an inverter. The inverter is adjusted upon startup to balance the system flow and head requirements. This saves on wasted pump energy caused by a traditional balancing valve.
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American Standard
The Platinum ZM Hybrid Comfort System (also known as Heritage Hybrid™ Comfort System 4DCZ6) uses an exclusive Spine Fin Coil™ and two-stage Duration™ compressor, allowing it to run at 70% capacity most of the time and has the ability to step up to the second stage on extreme days. This dual-fuel system has ratings of up to 16 SEER. According to company sources, the Platinum ZM Hybrid Comfort System also works to remove unwanted humidity from the air, and keeps temperature even from room to room with its quiet, variable-speed blower and Vortica™ advanced airflow system. The customer has a number of options for upgrading and maximizing home comfort, by adding a Comfort Control, humidifier or AccuExchange™ energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to this flexible system, which can be flush-mounted beside a home at ground level or placed on a home roof for horizontal or down-flow installation.
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The AP Series Water2Air Geothermal heat pump and WT Series Water2Water Geothermal heat pump provide homes with energy-efficient comfort while reducing monthly bills thanks to state-of-the-art design and research.

The AP Series Water2Air Geothermal heat pump by Florida Heat Pump (FHP) is available in both vertical, horizontal, Counter flow and split system configurations.

The product features a two-stage scroll compressor than when paired with multistage thermostat can produce savings upwards of 70%. An electronically commutated motor (ECM) assembly, along with a floating compressor base pan and compressor blanket, provides minimal sound while the unit filters collect dust and maintain rated airflow.
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The Tranquility Split geothermal system consists of the Tranquility indoor split unit (TTS) and the Tranquility air handler (TAH). According to company sources, the Tranquility split system easily connects to new or existing fossil fuel and electric furnaces, and uses the EarthPure® HFC-410A. It also exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 and Energy Star 3.0 efficiencies. It meets requirements for the 30% federal tax credit on installation costs.

The TAH units are fully convertible upflow, downflow, horizontal right and left downflow, making them ideal for remote applications such as a crawl space or an attic, sources state. Other features include condensate over-flow protection, 230v-115v compatibility, bi-directional thermal expansion valve, control transformer with circuit breaker protection, large removable access panels and dehumidification mode for high latent cooling.
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The Daikin Altherma is an innovative alternative heating and domestic hot water solution. The air-to-water heat pump system maximizes comfort and energy savings by capitalizing on Daikin’s technological strengths. The Altherma consists of two main components (outdoor unit and hydrobox) combined with optional accessories such as a water tank and solar thermal kit. For space heating, the unit can be connected to low temperature radiators, under floor heating or fan coil units. The Daikin Altherma uses R-410A refrigerant.

Through its thermodynamic cycle, the heat pump "pumps" heat from the outside air even at a temperature as low as -4F and uses it through a water distribution system in the home. Daikin Altherma is offered in two versions: a split type system where the hydrobox is installed inside the house connected through refrigerant piping to the outdoor unit, and a monobloc type system, where the hydrobox resides in the outdoor unit, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping connection.
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GeoSystems® introduces the Econar Ultra Split system and the addition of a four-ton unit to the Econar DualTEK product line.

The new Ultra Split system is available in two models: the air handling split or dual fuel split. The air handling split system consists of both the refrigeration unit and an air handling unit and replaces a conventional furnace. The two components provide flexibility where space is limited or where a unitary system could be difficult to install. The Dual Fuel split system consists of a refrigeration unit connected to an air coil, which will be installed in the customer’s existing furnace plenum. According to company sources, this equipment pairing allows the most efficient and cost effective fuel source to be selected depending on the customer’s application requirements.
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Dual-fuel compatible, the digital ComfortNet communicating system by Goodman® simplifies control wiring on sophisticated high-efficiency, multi-stage units, while working to help improve indoor comfort control. It takes only four wires to connect a ComfortNet system. Within seconds, ComfortNet can configure any compatible Goodman heat pump, gas furnace or air conditioner system, company sources state.

The ComfortNet communicating control monitors the performance of both indoor and outdoor system components – including dual-fuel heat pumps and furnace systems – providing rapid diagnosis and adjustments in order to obtain the ideal balance of indoor temperature and humidity.

The 12-sq.in. touchscreen ComfortNet control unit alerts the homeowner when to call for service. Beyond dual-fuel compatibility, other ComfortNet features include outdoor temperature display; dehumidification; automatic setup of tonnage and airflow; advanced, yet simple-to-read diagnostics; intelligent scheduling; selectable energy management recovery program; and a battery backup for the hard-wired unit.
comfortNet1.com and/or
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The SunSource® Home Energy System harnesses solar energy to power the heat pump or air conditioner, or other home electronics and appliances when the heat pump or air conditioner isn’t being used. If the system generates more solar power than is needed, the excess power is sent back to the utility company, possibly entitling your customers to a utility bill credit.

The Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XC/XP21 or XC/XP17 heat pumps and air conditioners come "solar ready," meaning customers can choose to include solar panels at installation or wait until later. Up to 15 of the weather- and impact-resistant panels can be added per outdoor unit whenever your customers choose.
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Rheem recently introduced its new Integrated Heating & Water Heating System Powered by Tankless Technology, a product that offers home heating and hot water from a single source. When combined with Rheem cooling equipment, the system offers complete air and water home comfort. According to company sources, the Rheem heating & water heating system is the first of its kind to be designed, built, and warranted by a single manufacturer. The heart of the Integrated Heating & Water Heating System is Rheem tankless technology, which in this new application not only fulfills hot water needs, but also provides heating to the entire home. When a Rheem tankless water heater is matched with a Rheem hydronic air handler, hot water is circulated through the hydronic air handler to provide warmth, and is then re-circulated back to the tankless water heater to ensure that no water is wasted. According to company sources, the combination makes the entire system up to 94% efficient.
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The Trane EarthWise™ hybrid system combines an XLi electric heat pump with a variable speed gas or oil furnace for ultimate efficiency. With the flexibility of two fuels, the system can actually optimize energy use by switching back and forth to whichever source is most efficient for comfort. Even in northern climates, the electric heat pump can find enough ambient heat in the air to keep a home warm and comfortable well into fall, sources say. But when there's not enough ambient heat and a fossil fuel becomes the most efficient option, the system will switch to either natural gas or heating oil for the heat of a furnace. When winter ends and warm temperatures return, the heat pump will reverse its operation; instead of finding ambient heat in the air, it will pull the heat out of the home and radiate it outside. The furnace won't ignite, but will instead serve as a variable-speed blower to move the cooled air produced by the heat pump.
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