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AHR Expo 2013 Presents the HVACR Industry's Best

Feb. 28, 2013
Our editorial team of Kate Kelly, Terry McIver, and Ron Rajecki, were on the floor every minute, rustling up as much information as they could, for you, our loyal readers. Give these products a look, make a phone call, or visit a company website if you think they have a place in your business. Show floor photo courtesy AHR Expo.

The International Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigerating Exposition of 2013 is now a part of Dallas convention history. JR Ewing has left the building, and a handful of other shows have come and gone since AHR ended in January.

This year’s AHR Expo, held January 28-30, 2013 in Dallas, TX, shattered four records for the largest HVACR event ever held in the Southwest. More than 51,000 attendees filled the aisles to see the latest products and technologies on display from 1,951 exhibiting companies covering 397,000 square feet. The annual show is a joint presentation of AHRI, ASHRAE, and the International Exposition Company.

Our editorial team of Kate Kelly, Terry McIver, and Ron Rajecki, were on the floor every minute, rustling up as much information as they could, for you, our loyal readers. This article provides expanded coverage, beyond what appears in the print edition of the March CB.

Give these products a look, then make a phone call, or visit a company website if you think they have a place in your business.

Advantix Systems’ DT-RT 2500/15 is a factory-assembled, single-piece liquid-desiccant dehumidification and cooling unit. The non-toxic lithium-chloride desiccant-based system enables precise control of indoor environments by offering independent temperature and humidity control in a single packaged rooftop unit. 


Aquatherm Greenpipe

Aquatherm’s Greenpipe recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping system for potable-water applications is now available in diameters up to 18 in. The 18-in. Greenpipe features a standard dimension ratio 11 (SDR 11) wall thickness, which is capable of delivering 4,000 to 6,000 gpm. The pipe’s natural R-value of 1 — or more depending on pipe size and SDR — delivers potential savings iby reducing energy loss.    

Big Ass Fans is entering the residential fan market with the Haiku (shown). It features handcrafted airfoils, made

from sustainable and beautiful Moso bamboo, to blend with the central motor and result in a smooth, stylistic effect. The fan has won numerous international design awards and is the most energy-efficient ceiling fan recognized by EnergyStar. Haiku measures 60-in. in diameter and comes in caramel or cocoa bamboo, or matrix composite in black or white.

Bradford White provided a look at its new OnGuard RMT, a water heater management system that can allows Bradford White support technicians to monitor water heater for optimal performance. If they see a fault or something that requires service remotely, they will contact the homeowner and servicing contractor. The Icon System is Bradford White’s new advanced temperature control system with exclusive performance software, intelligent diagnostics, pilot-on indication and a separate immersed thermowell and integrated Piezo igniter.

Broan-NuTone has expanded its revolutionary line of Broan and NuTone ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights with

the addition of 16 models with ULTRA Sense technology. The new ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights provide humidity- or motion-sensing capabilities while featuring the fastest, easiest, most universal installation to save contractors time and help meet stringent green building and ventilation codes. Available in single- and multi-speed models (motion-sensing capability featured in multi-speed models only), ULTRA Fans and Fan/Lights with ULTRA Sense operate at less than 0.3 Sones — the lowest sound rating possible — while operating or adjusting fan speed based on changes in humidity or motion.

Carrier has expanded its variable-refrigerant-flow (VRF) offerings to include heat recovery models under the name Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i. Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i VRF systems feature multiple inverter-driven compressors. The three-pipe heat-recovery systems are well-suited for applications that require simultaneous heating and cooling, maximizing efficiency by transferring energy from one indoor zone to another through refrigerant piping.

The CleanAlert Filterscan Air Filter Clog Detector provides visual, audible and remote alerts that a filter needs servicing.  It monitors changes in differential pressure in an HVAC system, which takes the  guesswork out of servicing filters. “Studies have shown that up to 80% of all HVAC air filters are not changed at the appropriate time, thereby putting undue stress on the HVAC system as well as the world’s energy resources. Most people are aware of these issues, yet simply forget to change the air filter until they receive a large utility bill,” says Terry L. Reavis, vice president sales and marketing for CleanAlert, located in Oberlin, OH.
The ClimateMaster Tranquility 22 two-stage compact (TY) water-source heat pump is available in 2- to 5-ton capacities with multiple cabinet options (vertical upflow and horizontal), and has one of the industry’s smallest footprints, making it suitable for installation in tight places and for the replacement/retrofit market. The TY has an extended range refrigerant circuit for both ground loop (geothermal) and water loop (boiler-tower) applications. The ClimateMaster Trilogy 40 Series geothermal heat pump won an Innovation Award in the Heating category.
ClimateMaster/LSB Industries hosted a jam-packed reception at the Winspear Opera House.

ClimateTalk Alliance, an organization of HVACR industry experts committed to developing a common communication infrastructure for HVAC and Smart Energy devices, announced the release of ClimateTalk Version 2.0, unveiling new standards for zoning and water heaters. The two new application profiles help the HVAC industry stay at the forefront of “connected home” initiatives, and enable digital communication, plug-and-play installation, and interoperability of new devices on the existing ClimateTalk network, which previously supported HVAC systems. Member companies include A.O. Smith, Arzel, Rheem, Goodman, and ZoneFirst. “The ClimateTalk zone profile gives us the ability to match the capacity of the HVAC system to the demand load of the home, providing optimum comfort and maximum energy savings,” says Dick Foster, President of ZoneFirst. “The plug and play capabilities of ClimateTalk make communicating zone controls attractive for both legacy and communicating HVAC system installations.”

During the Danfoss 18th annual press briefing, senior leaders presented Danfoss’ position and investments in solutions for climate and energy for the HVACR industry. Danfoss North America President John Galyen opened the briefing with a broad overview of the company’s position on new refrigerants, energy productivity and specific technology investments.

Danfoss hosted a rockin' party at the House of Blues, featuring the Eagles cover band 7 Bridges.

“Danfoss is well positioned to meet the needs of the growing climate and energy sector and provide technologies to increase energy productivity and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that impact our climate,” he remarked. Galyen also spoke about Danfoss’ proven global track record with natural refrigerants like ammonia, hydrocarbons and CO2, which includes over 4,000 Danfoss CO2 projects worldwide. Robert Wilkins, vice president, public affairs, commented on the U.S. policy outlook for 2013, and explained that there are no major climate or energy bills expected to pass the 113th Congress – leaving the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy (DOE) and the states to address energy efficiency and refrigerant issues.

DuctSox SkeleCore in-duct cylindrical tensioning system for textile HVAC ductwork has been expanded with the additions of the fabric tensioning system (FTS). The FTS consists of cylindrical tensioning rings attached circumferentially to the fabric via sewn-in clips at the inlet, end cap, and connections; fabric-supporting internal rings spaced every six feet; and a 3/4-in.-diameter lightweight aluminum backbone tube. 

The AxiTop diffuser from ebm-papst has been optimized for use as a passive component in the ebm-papst 800 and 910 mm series fans. The low profile (250 mm-tall) diffuser reduces discharge losses substantially. Energy savings of up to 27 percent and a simultaneous 7.2 dB(A) reduction of operating noise are attainable. With the same power consumption, an AxiTop-equipped fan can generate up to a 9 percent higher flow rate with an approximate 4.9 dB(A) reduction in noise compared to a fan without the diffuser.  

ecobee, Inc. announced the launch of its new commercial smart phone application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Providing added convenience, the new app will allow ecobee customers to monitor and control an unlimited number of ecobee EMS and EMS Si thermostats in multiple locations, from any location. 

Embraco’s mobile application for Android phones and iPhones helps technicians troubleshoot mechanical and electrical problems in a refrigeration system. When a technician enters the current system problem, the app provides possible origin scenarios to help pinpoint a solution. The app works with all refrigeration systems regardless of the cooling capacity or compressor brand.

Emerson Climate Technologies displayed Copeland Scroll Compressors decorated by employees around the world, to commemorate the 100 millionth scroll produced in July 2012.
Emerson Climate Technologies threw a winning party at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Emerson Climate Technologies announces it has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognition for its new line of semi-hermetic compressors. The new line of reciprocating compressors uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as its refrigerant, eliminating its global warming potential (GWP).This new design is currently available in 12 hp, 15 hp and 28 hp sizes, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications, such as grocery stores and supermarkets.  UL recognition is critically important in the refrigeration industry as it identifies compressors that meet global safety standards, ensuring products have been thoroughly tested and achieve a pre-determined set of international performance guidelines.

The EnOcean Alliance has more than 300 members, and can point to 250,000 buildings equipped with energy-harvesting wireless technology and more than 1,000 interoperable products. The EnOcean wireless protocol is now an international standard, with the publication of ISO/IEC14543-3-10. It is the first and only wireless standard for applications with ultra-low power consumption that’s also optimised for energy harvesting solutions. The standard can be downloaded at www.iso.org. To join the Alliance, visit enocean-alliance.org/joinus.


Field Aware screen on smart phone

FieldAware received an Honorable Mention in the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards software category. Created for small and medium size field service businesses, FieldAware leverages native apps on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to eliminate the need for costly servers, proprietary software and special hand-held devices.

Field Server Technologies offers QuickServer, a high-performance, fully configurable, building and industrial automation gateway designed to enable integrators to easily interface devices to networks in commercial buildings and industrial plants. The FS-QS-10XX Series is preloaded with two BAS drivers (serial, Ethernet and/or LonWorks) and can handle up to 250 points. Field Server Technologies      

The commercial series APCO rack system from FreshAire UV is a non-ozone air-purification system for HVAC units in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. It features ultraviolet-C (UVC) germicidal irradiation for airborne and HVAC unit internal-surface disinfection combined with gas-phase air purification and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to capture and neutralize volatile-organic compounds. The system can be installed in all brands of package and air-handling units ranging from 10 to 200 tons.     

Roy Kuczera demonstrates the touch panel controller for Fujitsu's VRF heat pump and heat recovery systems.

Fujitsus Airstage VR-II heat-recovery system allows for simultaneous heating and cooling operation. Single outdoor units are available from 6 to 10 tons; units can be combined to provide up to 24 tons on a single refrigerant circuit. When multiple outdoor units are combined, compressor control logic automatically balances the mass flow-rate of each compressor. One refrigeration circuit can supply up to 45 indoor air handlers. Fujitsu’s Halcyon wall-mounted mini-split systems —9RLS2, 12RLS2 and 15RLS2 — are among the most efficient mini-splits in North America, with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) of up to 27.2-SEER.  Fujitsu      

The Grinnell rapid installation pivot bolt (GRIP) coupling is designed to provide easy, consistent pipe coupling. The pivot bolt means there is only one bolt to tighten, which reduces installation time. The coupling’s patented tongue-and-groove pad grips the entire circumference of a pipe’s groove. The couplings can withstand pressures up to 750 psi and temperatures up to 250F.  Grinnell

Grundfos unveiled its MAGNA3 variable-speed wet-rotor circulator, which features an AUTOAdapt

function that automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance, and a FLOWADAPT control mode that reduces the need for pump throttling valves. The pump’s variable-speed, electronically commutated motor uses an integrated logic algorithm to “learn” the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand.     
LCD display on hilmor's Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor.

The hilmor Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor is the industry’s first hybrid gauge that features both analog and digital readouts so technicians have the response of a needle and clarity of an LCD display. The outer displays show system pressure using the needle and LSAT/VSAT temperatures in the digital display. The inner LCD displays pressures, temperatures, and calculates superheat and subcooling. Backlit gauges on the electronic gauge with vacuum sensor are easily visible in all types of light and the outer gauge color automatically changes to match the selected refrigerant.

The hilmor Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor is shown with a protective boot covering for use in the field.
The Honeywell family of smart thermostats and web-enabled devices.

Honeywell introduced two connected programmable thermostats to make homes more comfortable and stylish, while helping homeowners lower their energy bills. The new smart thermostats, up to 60% smaller than previous models, control temperature, humidity, ventilation, and fan settings from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world, and can help homeowners cut annual heating and cooling costs by up to 33%, sources say. The thermostats connect to the Internet through Honeywell’s free Total Connect Comfort cloud-based application, available in the iTunes store or from Google Play.The Prestige IAQ is available in three frame colors – white, black and silver – and its crisp 4.3-in. high definition touch screen display features a customizable color-matching palette to match or complement home décor from modern to traditional. honeywell.com

KMC Controls’ AppStat BAC-4000 thermostats combine a BACnet controller and temperature/humidity/motion sensor options into a single, space-mounted device.  AppStat is an integrated native BACnet application-specific controller. No external communication or occupancy modules are required. All models include an integrated BACnet schedule and hardware real-time clock with 72-hour capacitor backup for stand-alone operation or network time synchronization.     

Lennox has expanded the availability of its Environ Coil System to 4-, 6-, 13-, 17.5- and 25-ton

Energence rooftop unit models, completing the product lineup to 25 tons. The Environ Coil System will now come standard on Energence rooftop unit models, with the tube-and-fin condenser coil available as an option.
According to Lennox sources, the all-aluminum Environ condenser coil offers a significant reduction in refrigerant charge requirements, with innovative technology that helps maximize reliability and sustainability. It uses up to 52% less refrigerant than a traditional tube-and-fin condenser coil, providing sustainable savings.

LG Electronics USA announced a powerful new family of commercial air conditioning products for 2013, designed to address a range of market demands and to support the further expansion of the company’s U.S. commercial and residential HVAC business.

Additions to LG’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and duct-free system (DFS) portfolios include new multi- and single-zone systems, air cleaning, filtration and control devices. LG Electronics USA introduced a new multi-zone duct-free split heat pump system that provides heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones, while increasing overall capacity by up to 50% compared to previous LG multi-zone models. 

The new LG MULTI F MAX system increases capacity to a nominal capacity of up to 54,000 BTUH, from the previous multi-zoned system capacity of up to 36,000 BTUH.


The latest additions to Lochinvar’s ARMOR family of water heaters are wall-mount models with inputs of 125,000 Btuh and 199,999 Btuh. The units offer up to 96 percent thermal efficiency with a 5:1 turndown and a compact design that fits tight installations. They are designed to be installed with a separate unfired storage tank, which prevents lime-scale buildup from impairing the system’s heat-transfer efficiency.     

Fan manufacturer MacroAir — originators of HVLS technology — debuted its new AirElite fan to deliver highpower industrial performance with style. The AirElite’s powerful ½-hp motor, onboard electronics, and fully integrated control system, are combined within a streamlined power unit and elegant frame. The cohesive housing compartment powers the fan’s six airfoil blades, which use a NASA-engineered wing design, while also simplifying the installation process by removing the need for a separate motor control panel. MacroAir’s patented 6ixBlade technology brings the fan to life. At only 160 pounds, the fan’s low profile installation is perfect for low ceiling heights, and its quiet operation allows the AirElite to be installed in applications without compromising design aesthetics or customer experience.

The Seismic Gator in-line expansion joint from Metraflex is designed to protect piping spanning a building’s seismic joint. It is capable of ±4 in. of movement in all directions. It is engineered with gimbal-and-bellows technologies combined with a MetraGator expansion joint. It has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi and a maximum working temperature of 700F.    

Modine Manufacturing Company concludes its 90th anniversary celebration of company founder A.B. Modine’s invention of the unit heater by exhibiting at the 2013 AHR Expo in Dallas. This year, Modine reserved more than 1,300 square feet – the most in the company’s 96-year show history – and showcased a number of new HVAC solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial and educational markets.

At the show, Modine unveiled the new Geofinity residential line of geothermal heat pumps. Products on display include a water-to-water, water-to-air, and water-to-air/water combination unit. In addition, visitors will have a chance to view the 2012 AHR Expo Innovation Award winning Orb controller, now standard on almost every Geofinity unit.

MovinCool Office Pro, Classic, and Classic Plus lines of portable spot air conditioniners are now a lot "cooler," with new extended warranties as announced by DENSO Corp. The warranties now cover parts and labor on the entire units for three years.

"Our company has built its reputation on quality, which is relected by the fact that MovinCool systems are the most reliable in the industry," says David Keller, manager, heat management department for MovinCool. He emphasizes that these are "true manufacturer warranties."

"This is not supplemental coverage from a third party," Keller says. "We can offer this kind of coverage because of DENSO's rigorous design standards. For example, by fully enclosing our fan motors in a protective housing, we prevent dust buildup on the motor, which can result in corrosion or electrical shorts. It all adds up to the longest-lasting, most reliable and most worry-free product on the market."

The Aurora IntelliBoost variable-speed constant-pressure booster system from Pentair is designed for fresh-water applications in high-rises, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial and industrial applications. The system combines a variable-frequency drive for each pump and a programmable logic controller with a proportional integral derivative loop to stage up to four pumps based on pressure and flow needs.  

Parker Hannifin displayed a new range of Parker Sporlan valves and controllers rated for transcritical CO2 (R-744) high pressure systems.The product range is designed to satisfy

equipment manufacturers’ needs in the field of CO2 transcritical boosters and cascade systems. The line includes five gas cooler valves for racks from 7 to 200 ton (25 to 700 kW) capacity. The valves offer the flexibility to be applied in flash gas bypass applications as well. An interface board/valve positioner is paired with the valves, along with an optional battery backup module.

The gas cooler/flash gas bypass valves allow for fine pressure tuning in both transcritical and subcritical operation. Systems will benefit from the high resolution actuators and smooth low flow control in the 0-20% opening range, while still achieving full open-close response time in less than 6.5 seconds.Interchangeable motor/piston and port assemblies and removable screens are standard.

The new Port-A-Cool Hurricane portable evaporative cooling unit from Port-A-Cool, LLC utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500-sq.-ft. and lower temperatures up to 30F. The unit’s design provides 67-gallon water capacity and 14,500 CFM, the largest airflow delivery of any 36-in. evaporative cooler offered. It requires only 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation.  Additional features include a digital control panel with easy touch buttons for operation and status displays.

RectorSeal Corp. introduces GasGuard tamper-resistant locking valve caps to help prevent refrigerant theft, leaks and refrigerant “huffing” from residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.  GasGuard’s hexagonally-shaped, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell and brass core easily screws and locks onto 1/4-in. or 5/16-in. threaded refrigerant Schrader valves. GasGuard restricts unauthorized access because it can only be installed or removed with a unique matching proprietary socket tool. The patent-pending GasGuard design complies with the International Mechanical Code (IMC) (Section 1101-10) and International Residential Code (Section M1411-6) that now mandate tamper-resistant outdoor access ports for all new air conditioner installations.

Charlotte Gabet and the team at Regal Beloit had lots of news regarding motors from Genteq, Morrill Motors, Fasco Motors, and Marathon Special Products.

Four Regal Beloit Corp. divisions introduced six products at the AHR Expo:
Genteq launched Evergreen EM, the latest in its line of standard ECM replacement motors for the aftermarket/distribution market. The Evergreen EM was designed to replace direct-drive blower motors in residential and light commercial indoor furnaces, air handlers, and package systems that were designed with a standard ECM motor.

Genteq Evergreen EM motor.

• The ARKTIC 59 constant-speed, brushless DC motor from Morrill Motors is offered in a 1/15 hp version with an operating speed of 500 to 1,800 rpm. The electronically commutated motor is designed to be a drop-in replacement for 3.3-in. shaded-pole and permanent-split capacitor motors in the evaporators of commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers and freezers.
Marathon Special Products launched a new Bulk Fastening Power Block which differs from traditional power blocks by providing a series of fasteners to terminate numerous combinations of listed crimp lugs or flexible busbar to distribute power. Marathon Electric Motors also launched its 56-Frame SyMAX-i permanent magnet motor design with integrated electronic control for commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and other direct drive fan and blower applications.
Fasco Motors introduced an expansion of its gas premix combustion blowers with the release of three new SAMM GPM blowers: 4.6, 5.8H, and 6.9.Fasco premix blowers are designed to meet the rugged requirements of residential and commercial applications. Speeds on the SAMM GPM blowers can be adjusted via a PWM from 5 to 43 VDC at a wide frequency range of 100Hz to 6kHz input that varies the performance of the blower. Advanced axial flux motor technology allows for a smaller and lighter motor footprint while the next generation sine wave controller improves overall sound quality.

The Rheem H2AC, winner of the 2013 AHR Expo Product of the Year Award.

Rheem Wins Product of the Year Award
Rheem’s H2AC Rooftop Unit featuring eSync Integration Technology received the 2013 AHR Expo Product of the Year Award. Joseph Fristik, Rheem’s vice president of national accounts and marketing, accepted the honor on Rheem’s behalf.
“In less than a year after we debuted the product, the Rheem H2AC Rooftop Unit has won three major industry awards, which is a testament to the benefits of integrating HVAC and water heating solutions,” Fristik said. “We’re honored that ASHRAE, AHRI, and IEC recognized the ingenuity and practicality of this product with the esteemed AHR Expo Innovation award.”

“The entire team at Rheem is thrilled and honored to receive the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation award in the Cooling Category as well as the 2013 AHR Expo Product of the Year award for the Rheem H2AC Rooftop Unit featuring eSync Integration Technology,” said Chris Peel, senior vice president and COO, Rheem.

“These awards continue to validate our long-term strategy to lead with innovative air and water solutions that promote higher efficiency and value for our customers. Rheem remains committed to launching many more unique and environmentally responsible product innovations in the coming months and years,” Peel said. Other news from Rheem included a redesigned Prestige 98% AFUE furnace, due to be released in March, and the Prestige Series hybrid heat pump, also set for March release.

The Schneider Electric team was busy throughout the show telling visitors about its new SmartStruxure solution, designed to maximize building efficiency and reduce operating costs across the entire lifecycle of a facility. SmartStruxure solution is made up of hardware and software that is combined with engineering, installation and services to ensure facilities are energy-efficient and effectively managed.

SmartStruxure solution breaks down traditional information silos and delivers integrated building information and real-time data via web access, powerful graphics and trend visualizations, rich reports, and mobile applications to ensure buildings are running at maximum efficiency. Built on open standards, SmartStruxure solution provides seamless integration through LON, BACnet, Modbus, Web Services and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Web Services.

SEMCO unveiled its eQ Series dedicated-outdoor-air energy-recovery system under 15,000 cfm, which is available in eight sizes for schools, offices, hotels, and other commercial applications of 50,000 sq. ft. and less. The unit features an onboard microprocessor and 3-angstrom (3A) molecular sieve enthalpy-wheel technology. The Dynamic Novel Automation controller monitors both outdoor temperature and dew point to determine when the enthalpy-based economizer cycle should activate the moisture removal and reheating modes.

The Protocol NP Series indoor-swimming-pool dehumidifier from Seresco is available in capacities from 18 to 140 tons. The units are designed to provide energy-efficient natatorium space heating/cooling and humidity control, while also offering free pool water heating and reheat through heat recovery. The Protocol Series replaces vapor-compression refrigerants with glycol, an environmentally-preferred heat transfer fluid for LEED and other sustainable-building projects.    

Taco Executive Vice President Chris Integlia described features of Taco's new Innovation and Development Center. An interactive display shown in the background enabled show attendees to take a "walk" through the center.

Tacos theme for this year’s show was, “We’re the One.” With occasional musical interludes by “The Hydronics” vocal quartet, the Taco team provided attendees with an interactive demonstration of the features in its newly-constructed Innovation & Development Center, a look at new system design software, green building systems solutions, energy saving e-smart components, and smart technology variable speed, variable flow pumps and controls. Taco’s wet-rotor Viridian pumps feature electronically-commutated motors, fully automated self-sensing variable-speed operation, and simple Web-style controls. They are available in capacities up to 375 gpm. An Ethernet connection allows for remote control, monitoring, and adjustment. The Viridian is suitable for fluid temperatures from 14F to 23F and water/glycol mixtures in concentrations up to 50%.

Taco President John Hazen White welcomed press editors, and expressed gratitude for the impressive team assembled at Taco.

“We’ve built an incredible team at Taco, from the employee side of the business, who are a big part of our lives, to what we bring to the marketplace, in terms of system designs and energy efficiency,” said Taco President John Hazen White said. “I think Taco has the best team in the industry. I’m very proud of them. The new Innovation & Development Center is for the entire industry: engineers, contractors, wholesalers, and it’s a facility we can all use for innovative development.”

“Some new, innovative products that have captivated the attention of attendees have been our hot water recirculating products,  especially the SmartPlus, as well as the Bumble Bee and Veridian controls,” said Mark Chaffee, director, brand management.

The Titus augmented-reality (AR) app allows smartphones or tablets to recognize images in Titus HVAC literature and printed documents and augment it with hidden content such as video, animation, and drawings.  The free app is designed to provide consulting engineers with additional explanations and make content easier to understand by seeing it in action using multimedia channels.  The company has incorporated Titus AR logos in print catalogs, equipment, advertisements and business cards. Customers simply download the Titus AR app and then sue their smartphones to scan the logo to unlock the hidden content.     

Tecumseh Products Company provided trade press editors with a look back at company developments that have reengergized Tecumseh, and given it a great outlook on 2013 and beyond. Improvements were made across all spectrums, from people to processes.

Tecumseh Products Company President Bill Merritt described many new developments at Tecumseh, and praised employee initiatives.

“Last year was a year of focus and reinvestment. I’m proud of the work out team did in the way of launching new products, quality initiatives, the work we performed at our facilities,” said Bill Merritt, President, Tecumseh Products Company North America. Merritt said the company initiated a "Tecumseh Operating and Production System." He credited the people of Tecumseh with making many positive changes. Among them, Tecumseh expanded the availability its new AE2 series compressor through its network of North American authorized wholesale distributors.


TrakRef, a product of Polar Technology LLC. TrakRef is a compliant software management tool designed to provide comprehensive tracking of refrigerants from the time of purchase, throughout maintenance cycles concluding in recovery and reclamation or destruction.

Trane is celebrating 100 years of customer-driven innovation in 2013, and used the AHR Expo as a jumping off point for the yearl of celebrations. Trane experts are exhibiting innovative new products, systems and services, informative on-site demonstrations, technology-based presentations, and special anniversary activities.

The Trane wall of greetings, where attendees wrote good wishes for Tranes's 100th birthday.

Along with the Trane CenTraVac, which was the centerpiece of a booth packed with attendees, other innovations on display included the Trane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systems, featuring variable-speed compressor tehnology and the ability to individualize solutions for improved temperature control and attain improved efficiency.

Trane Intelligent Variable Air systems are new, efficient systems for a building’s HVAC needs, to save energy, installation costs, and time. This system can deliver 20 to 30% better energy efficiency than a traditional variable air volume (VAV) system. IntelliPak I Unitary Rooftop Systems are now available in 20-130 tons. The new Direct-Drive Plenum fan provides static efficiency improvements of 15-20% versus traditional fan technologies.

To continue its momentum in the commercial plumbing market, Uponor is introducing PEX-a Pipe Support and two additional Engineered Polymer (EP) Multi-port Tees to its offering. PEX-a Pipe Support is a steel channel that provides continuous support of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing in suspended piping applications, enabling hanger spacing equal to that of copper. The support is available in 9-ft. lengths for 1-in., 1¼-in., 1½-in. and 2-in. PEX-a pipe sizes and can be used in commercial plumbing as well as hydronic distribution systems.

UV Resources has redesigned its X-Plus UV UV-C NEMA 4X fixture to accommodate 17- to 61-inch extended-base lamps, which easily mount from the exterior of any HVAC system, air handler, plenum or duct. The redesigned version nearly doubles lamp-length compatibility and a new ballast provides voltage flexibility from 120 V to 208/230/240 V and 277 Vac. The ballast automatically matches both its output voltage and current to the unique power requirements of a particular lamp’s ratings. 

Victaulic provides a comprehensive line of hydronic balancing products as well as Tour & Andersson (TA) instruments (TA-SCOPE and TA-CMI) and software (TA Link and TA Select). The TA-SCOPE provides quick and accurate measurement of differential pressure, flow, temperature, and power to ensure hydronic heating and cooling systems are operating at the most economic and comfortable settings; the TA Select makes valve selection easy as it takes the desired flow, pressure drop, and flow rate into consideration during valve selection. In addition, Victaulic showcased its Virtual Truck Loading software, a software that extends BIM coordination to the trucking process to maximize the efficiency of jobsite delivery.

The TRITON pipe fusion system from Watts is a plastic-pipe welding solution that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic technology to improve pipe joining and testing times. Using TRITON, ¾-in. plastic pipe can be fused in approximately 40 seconds, and welds are ready for pressure testing immediately. TRITON includes three components—a control unit, fusers, and fittings—that operate together to create durable outside-diameter welds offering unobstructed flow and low pressure drop.  

WaterFurnace International, Inc. launched the 7-Series, which represents breakthroughs in energy

efficiency, integrated technologies, communication capabilities and comfort. According to company sources, the 7-Series 700A11 is the first variable capacity geothermal unit available for homeowners and the only unit to surpass both 41 energy efficiency ratio (EER) and 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP).

The 700A11 uses WaterFurnace’s InfiniSpeed technology, a soft-start variable capacity compressor, in concert with a variable speed ECM blower and variable speed loop pump. This allows the unit to scale output to exactly the level needed rather than the “high” or “low” speeds found in normal systems.

Wrightsoft Right Suite Universal is the only fully integrated residential and commercial software solution designed to save HVACR contractors time. It eliminates mouse clicks, and automatically updates all areas of the program instantly. With advanced easy-to-use technology, RSU is expandable to meet contractors' exact business needs. Whether it's residential or commercial duct, hydronic, radiant, or geothermal loop system design, Wrightsoft's Right-Suite Universal can help contractors properly calculate loads, accurately design and size the system, produce parts takeoff lists and proposals according to parts and pricing, and prepare professional documentation and reports—all in one program, at the click of a button.

Xylem says its four new models of 3-in. and 4-in. brazed-plate heat exchangers are well-suited for large hydronic heating applications, refrigerant evaporators, condensers with large chillers, and many other applications requiring flow rates up to 800 gpm. All have a design pressure of 435 psig and min/max design temperature of 310F/450F.    


Building Automation
CopperWatcher LLC: CopperWatcher
copper theft deterrent system

Rheem Manufacturing Co.: H2AC Rooftop Unit

Green Building
Titus: Solar Plexicon, displacement
ventilation diffuser

ClimateMaster, Inc.:Trilogy 40 Series, geothermal
heat pump

Indoor Air Quality
Energy Wall: Energy Wall, a high efficiency heat and moisture recovery plate exchanger,
air purifier, and dehumidifier.

Navien America, Inc.: NPE-240ANG,
condensing tankless gas water heater.

Danfoss:ADAP-KOOL control system

NexTraq: NexTraq Fleet
Tracking, web-based GPS software

Tools & Instruments
Fluke Corporation: Fluke 805 Vibration Meter

American ALDES Ventilation Co.: Zone Register Terminal-2

In January 2014, the AHR Expo wings its way back to New York City, and the Javits Convention Center. Another super show is in the works, and by then the industry will have some more great success stories under its belt, and some innovative new products to see and try. See you there. It’ll be here before you know it!