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    Tools of the Trade: Travers Mechanical Services

    March 5, 2013
    Each month, Contracting Business picks a leading contractor and takes a look at the products, tools, and services that he or she has chosen to help make their company successful.

    Mike Travers Sr. and his son Mike Jr. have used their combined 45 years of experience to build a rock-solid, service-oriented company. Mike Travers Sr. got started as a machinist on a U.S. Navy destroyer, and worked nearly 30 years as a technician and district manager for York International Corp. Mike Jr. had more than 15 years with York. This gave the pair all the parts and pieces of experience they needed when they teamed up to build a rock-solid, service-oriented company. The firm serves commercial and industrial customers statewide, with 24/7 service. With more than 20 technicians —and still hiring —the company stays more than busy, despite a lackluster market and reductions in new construction work. Travers only advertises through sponsorships, golf tournaments, and banquets. Their lofty customer service standards — expectations they’ve placed upon themselves — help maintain and grow the customer base.
    Read more about Travers Mechanical Services by visiting bit.ly/TraversCB.


    In The Trucks

    Number and type of trucks/vans:
    4 Dodge pickup trucks (two, 1-ton, two 3/4-ton); 7 Chevy pickup trucks (five 3/4-ton, two 1/2-ton); 2 Ford 3/4-ton pickup trucks.

    Tools provided:
    Refrigerant reclamation units, oxy/acetylene torches, vacuum pumps.

    Test instruments:
    Voltage/ohm meters, meg ohm meters.

    Preferred field communications method:
    Sprint cell phones for all technicians.

    Preferred ladder type:
    Keller, Werner, Little Giant. 

    In The Office

    Preferred business management software:
    Quickbooks Contractor.

    Preferred load calculation software:

    Preferred computer/printer equipment:
    Dale and HP computers and Brother printers.

    Business connection to Internet: 
    Century Link.

    Credit cards accepted:
    American Express, MasterCard, VISA.

    12 are New Mexico HVAC journeymen.

    In The Shop

    Preferred heating equipment brand:

    Preferred cooling equipment brand:

    Preferred distributors:
    Johnstone Supply.