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May 2013 Software Resource Guide

May 2, 2013
Software Resource Guide: Design & Engineering Software, BIM, Estimation Software, Business/Service/Sales Management Software.

Meet the second generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It’s compatible with 95% of 24V systems and even has software designed to make high efficiency systems shine. True Radiant gives radiant customers even heat and a predictable schedule, Heat Pump Balance automatically helps heat pump customers save, and Airwave can dramatically reduce AC runtime up to 30% while still keeping customers cool, sources report. Best of all, customers can control Nest from their phone, tablet or laptop with a free app. They can turn up the AC, tweak their schedule or see their 10-day energy history from anywhere.     circle 158

Dexter + Chaney Dexter + Chaney releases its new Spectrum project management software.  It’s available as part
of the suite of applications that comprise the company’s Spectrum Construction software product line.  

The Spectrum Project Management application covers numerous project management functions, including job cost and progress reporting, project logging, submittal and RFI tracking, and project document storage and sharing.     circle 159

Fresh-Aire UV Fresh-Aire UV has developed Blue-Calc, a UV-C light design and analysis service using state-of-the-art sizing software for HVAC engineers and contractors. Blue-Calc’s unique web service provides calculations of both airborne and cooling coil surface microbe disinfection efficiencies from UV-C light exposure and generates detailed color chart and graph image printouts for building owner presentations.

Blue-Calc’s online form prompts engineers and contractors to input the design parameters of any size HVAC system project. The program provides users with sizing, mounting configuration, lamp type and placement specification data that has been factory engineer-reviewed.       circle 160

ServMan Software, by CubeSix, is a work order management application available that uses a 3-tier software architecture of data files, core functionality, and an LC integrated development environment (IDE) which allows users to highly customize screens, fields and functions to better meet their specific needs. Customizations can be made without the fear of loss when upgrading the software, sources say.     circle161

ESC is a powerful HVAC dispatch software. It is perfect for HVAC contractors who service, install or maintain HVACR equipment. It’s a service management solution that’s powerful yet easy to use.

With it you can increase the number of customers your technicians can service in a day, while ensuring they know everything the customer wanted done which will reduce the need to return visits.  ESC will also eliminate missed revenue due to misplaced dispatches or invoices. It also allows your technicians to bill and collect payment in the field, reducing the messy and expensive collections process.     circle 162

Onset Onset announces a new, enhanced version of the company’s Hobolink web-enabled software platform that provides 24/7 data access and remote management for Onset’s web-based Hobo U30 data logging systems.

Hobolink now makes accessing building performance and weather data faster and more convenient than ever. It enables users to schedule automatic delivery of exported data files, in CSV or XLSX format, via email or FTP. And, users now have the flexibility to configure the data export in a highly customized way. For example, a user who has four Hobo U30 systems measuring multiple parameters may configure Hobolink to automatically export temperature data only – and within a specified time range.       circle 163

Service Automation
SAWIN Mobile solutions are not device specific and can be deployed on Tablet PC’s, laptops, PDA’s, iPads, Iphones, Androids, BlackBerrys, or other “smart phone” devices to meet the specific needs of each contracting firm. SAWIN Mobile solutions are affordable, easy to use, feature and use the latest software technology available. SAWIN Mobile won a Comfortech Showcase award in the field communications 
category in 2008.     
circle 164

Victaulic Victaulic showcases its Virtual Truck Loading Software, a first-of-its-kind software that extends
BIM coordination to the trucking process to maximize the efficiency of jobsite delivery. The software “nests” spools of piping onto trucks, extending BIM coordination to the transportation phase of construction, and allowing the user to gain efficiencies in the fabrication shop, including the elimination of double-handling of prefabricated parts. By virtually laying out trucks in advance, fabrication work can be sequenced accordingly and material handling reduced. Prior to this application, pre-planning and BIM coordination often ended at      circle 165

Testo thermal imaging announces the availability of their next generation thermal imaging software. This has been the fourth release of software with feature set enhancements in the past 18 months. Enhanced features of IRSoft 3.2 include:
• customizable Reporting Templates – Allows users to create, save and share report templates specific to their applications
• batch exporting of thermal images into standard image file types.
• inserting of additional visual images from external sources (External Digital Cameras).     circle 166

Elite Software
Rhvac quickly and accurately calculates peak heating and cooling loads for residential and small commercial buildings in accordance with the eighth edition of the ACCA Manual J. The heat transfer multipliers (HTM values) for all the walls, windows, doors, and roofs listed in Manual J are stored and automatically looked up by the program as needed. Although HTM values are taken from Manual J directly, the user has the option of entering his own U-Value for each wall, roof, or glass section so that a modified HTM value is used.

Design weather data for over 1,500 cities is built-in to the program. In addition, the user can revise the existing weather data and add additional weather data as desired. Zoning cfm adjustments are automatically handled by the program as needed.      circle 167