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Carrier Expands WeatherExpert HVAC Rooftop Line to 23 Tons

July 1, 2013
The newest Carrier WeatherExpert rooftop HVAC product line meets or exceeds all current ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010 and Energy Star energy requirements, with some models exceeding standards by more than 84%.
Carrier has released the second size range of its highest efficiency commercial HVAC rooftops, the WeatherExpert Series, which includes models from 6- to23-tons; adding to a current model line-up that includes 3- to 5-ton units. The WeatherExpert line boasts industry-leading Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) ratings up to 21.0 tha texceed the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) tier II performance criteria, which manyutilities use for rebates. The product line also meets or exceeds all current ASHRAE 90.1 -2010 and Energy Star energy requirements, with some models exceeding standards by morethan 84%.

Similar to other models in the Carrier Weather Series line, the WeatherExpert 6- to 23-ton units were designed to maintain product familiarity by taking advantage of common partsfrom existing Carrier rooftop designs and were designed in collaboration with customers. Carrier also plans to release its 75- to 150-ton WeatherExpert units later this year.

“The WeatherExpert rooftop units won recognition in the Cooling Category for the 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition, a testament to the advances made as a result ofcustomer collaboration,” said Greg Alcorn, vice president, commercial sales and marketing, Carrier. “With the addition of these 15 models this summer, Carrier will have its mostcomprehensive and efficient rooftop line ever, with units ranging from 3- to 150-tons.”

The new WeatherExpert 6- to 23- ton units will be available with three stages of capacity control utilizing scroll compressors and electronically commutated motor (ECM) outdoor fan motors. In addition, the indoor fan motor is controlled by Carrier’s Staged AirVolume (SAV) system to precisely match fan operation to the staging compressors. These units are available in gas/electric, electric/electric or cooling only, and offered with a range of factory options, such as energy-efficient air economizers, smoke detectors, and much more.

“The WeatherExpert units deliver optimal comfort and energy savings at both full- andpart-load conditions,” added Alcorn. “Our comfort-control logic operates the multi-stage systemto provide what our customers are looking for — smart, efficient operation.” All WeatherExpert units feature Puron refrigerant (R-410A), provide easy access forroutine maintenance, are supported by Carrier’s eDesign Suite and integrate with Carrier’s i-Vu system controls.

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