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Maxwell Systems, ABC Form Best Practices Partnership

Aug. 2, 2013
Maxwell will deliver a knowledgebase, technology stewardship, and methods to bring a greater understanding of software utilization and process improvement for effective business leadership

Maxwell Systems, Inc., a leading provider of construction management software solutions, expert services, and best practices, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a national trade association representing 22,000 members from more than 19,000 construction and industry-related firms. The partnership will enable the delivery of Maxwell's expertise and leadership on technology and construction management best practices to ABC members and contractors across the U.S.

ABC President/CEO Michael Bellaman, left, and Maxwell Systems President/CEO Jim Flynn shake on the strategic partnership agreement.

Under the partnership agreement, ABC members will have access to Maxwell's team of technology and implementation best-practice experts. Maxwell will deliver a knowledgebase, technology stewardship, and methods to bring a greater understanding of software utilization and process improvement for effective business leadership. For example, in addition to white papers, Maxwell will offer several educational webinars using its Best Practices Guide series. The inaugural webinar, hosted in the fall, will be based on the Best Practices Guide, "Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth."

"Approaching 40 years of serving the needs of contractors, Maxwell realizes this is a perfect time to reinforce our core principles as a company dedicated to being all-in and going all-out for our customers, as we also meet the industry demand for a true all-in-one construction software solution," says Jim Flynn, president and CEO of Maxwell Systems. "In all things, we focus on 'Empowering Construction,' and this partnership with ABC is another valuable extension of that driving force. Our organizations share a commitment to helping construction businesses win more work, gain competitive advantages, and leverage opportunities for best success," Flynn says.

"This partnership with Maxwell Systems gives ABC members access to a trusted industry source that can provide insights into how to use the latest construction software solutions and technology to more efficiently and effectively manage their businesses," adds ABC President and CEO Michael Bellaman. "We're excited to have Maxwell Systems create a dialogue with our members and help them improve their productivity, as well as profitability."

Details of Webinar Series
The webinar series is designed to deliver best practices to help construction business leaders leverage advancements in technology, streamline and standardize management processes, and drive organizational change for best success. The first webinar will be hosted in September, with others following in November, February, and April.

"Our webinar series is designed to provide construction business leaders with valuable information to overcome specific obstacles that hinder them from achieving maximum profitability in their companies," Flynn says. "In partnership with ABC, we offer these convenient and free webinars as part of a concerted effort to share expertise and insight that empowers professionals in the construction industry to achieve best productivity and optimal profit."

"The topics that Maxwell Systems will be covering in this webinar series are a perfect fit for the diverse types of construction businesses we have in our membership," says Jennifer Huber, director of member services at ABC. "ABC believes these educational programs will help our members improve their ability to manage their businesses across all processes, from end to end, while recognizing new opportunities to increase their profit."
The first best practices webinar in the series, titled "Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth," is scheduled for September 11. The webinar will be led by Maxwell Systems' construction market expert, Peg McCain. She has 35 years of experience in the construction industry, including technology development and application as well as construction company and management.
Future topics in this series include:
Committing to Change with Standardized Processes, hosted November 12, 2013
Managing with Mobility to Drive Productivity and Profit, hosted February 18, 2014
Freeing Cash Flow to Grow Your Construction Business, hosted April 16, 2014.