Tech Update: August 2013 Commercial & Residential Motors & Drives

July 26, 2013
Variable Speed, Variable Frequency, Controllers, Starters, Hermetic, and Linear

ABB ACH550 base drives, E-Clipse bypass units, and drives with input disconnects are now International Building Code (IBC) seismic-compliance certified. The certificate of compliance qualifies the products for use in applications and buildings in which IBC requires that seismically rated equipment be considered. While principal applications for IBC-certified drives include disaster-prone areas of North America, design parameters recommended by IBC could affect a number of facilities in public and private sectors, such as commercial office buildings, hospitals/health-care facilities, schools and education buildings, manufacturing facilities, and water/wastewater operations.      circle 154

Baldor Baldor’s AC brushless servo motors BSM N-series provide industrial motion control applications with low inertia to attain the highest acceleration capability - to allow users to position rapidly. The BSM N-series is used in the world’s fastest machines and demanding applications. The N-Series brushless servo motors provide a rugged, durable design with high energy Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnetics. This series provides continuous stall torque capability ranging from 3.9-lb.-in. (0.45 N-m) to 354-lb.-in. (40 N-m). circle 155Control Products Control Products introduces the FreezeAlarm with Cell-Comm technology. Freeze Alarms provide
remote temperature monitoring of homes, vacation properties and commercial buildings. These devices protect against damage caused by HVACR equipment failure and power outages.  Cell-Comm technology incorporates mobile phone technology that eliminates the need for a dedicated telephone landline. Remote monitoring will now be available for buildings where a landline does not exist.

The FreezeAlarm (model FA-IM) is easy to install, works on any major wireless network, and can be used by contractors to expand their monitoring services. This device automatically calls up to three phone numbers to alert of a temperature alarm condition or power failure. The user can also call into the device to check on the status of a monitored location.     circle 156

Delta Electronics The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control. It features versatile driving controls, modular design, wide variety of applications, easy maintenance, low malfunction rate, self diagnosis and competitive market price and brings customers not only the high-efficiency construction but also the most economic solution to compete with the global 157Emerson Following its successful launch, the Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor has delivered
improved efficiency and energy savings, while garnering industry awards and being accepted by OEMs and contractors. Designed for high efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems, Emerson’s Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor has been popular with contractors, who have seen the installed heat pumps achieve an unprecedented 13 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), 20+ SEER efficiency, as well as up to 40% greater year-round energy savings for their customers over standard heat 158
Greenheck The motor starter advanced control design package is an innovative and versatile design with hand/off/auto capability and class 10 or 20 electronic overload (1-40 FLA). Provides LED status indicators in case of faults and provides advanced control capability for dampers, fireman’s override, shutdown, permissive auto, and fault status. It’s available with an optional disconnect for manual control of input power. greenheck.comcircle 159Yaskawa America The Z1000 variable speed drive is 
designed for building automation 
applications such as fans,
pumps, and cooling towers through 500HP. The Z1000 features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides Hand-Off-Auto interface and a real time clock. These features make the Z1000 perfect for many building automation applications that require reliable motor circle 160