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April 1, 2010
Carrier Corp., has introduced the next generation of its factory-installed energy recovery system, EnergyX, on its Centurion rooftop unit, complete with Puron® refrigerant.


Carrier Corp., has introduced the next generation of its factory-installed energy recovery system, EnergyX, on its Centurion rooftop unit, complete with Puron® refrigerant.

The EnergyX system offers several important benefits, including the ability to downsize the base rooftop unit while increasing the ventilation air quantity and providing excellent system efficiencies. This factory-installed system has demonstrated Combined Efficiency Factors (CEF) as high as 22 (as calculated per AHRI Guideline V).  CEF is the equivalent of an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) when the EER is calculated for a rooftop unit and energy recovery system.

Daikin VRV®III is an alternative to traditional rooftops or chilled water central plant and cooling towers. It replaces heavy and bulky machinery with lightweight modular equipment, sources say.  

According to company sources, multiple zoning needs can be served, because of flexible piping capabilities and precise temperature control.  Daikin’s VRVIII has 208-230V or 460V three phase power supply and a larger capacity - up to 20 tons – on one system. The system has the flexibility to connect up to 41 indoor units from one piping network. 

Goodman’s light commercial heat pumps include 3- to 12.5-ton cooling capacity, three-phase, while single-phase is also available in 3-, 4- and 5-ton models. A scroll compressor is behind the Goodman CPH heat pump’s 13 SEER, 11.5 EER performance in commercial applications.  Additionally, the unit is Energy Star rated with 7.7 HSPF with a 3.6 COP.

The heat pumps use R-410A,
along with an electronically commutated (ECM) blower motor. The CPH heat pumps are California Low-NOX approved.  

A heavy-gauge, galvanized-steel cabinet with UV-resistant powder-paint finish adds durability.  The high-capacity filter dryer is steel-cased.           

Lennox introduces the Energence™ 3- to 50-ton rooftop unit product line. With its advanced Prodigy™ unit controller, the Energence RTU provides intelligent verification that the unit has been correctly set up and configured. The system records when service and maintenance are performed, displays real-time confirmation that the unit is operating optimally, and even alters operation to avoid downtime.

Every Energence rooftop unit is available with the patented Humiditrol® dehumidification system to remove moisture for optimal comfort. Certain models can be delivered with an enhanced Humiditrol system that removes more humidity than typical hot-gas reheat systems.       

McQuay McQuay introduces the Maverick II commercial rooftop system. The Maverick II rooftop system provides building owners with room temperature control and comfort through the use of modulating hot gas reheat and precise controls.  The new functionality includes integrated compressor and reheat control that automatically energizes the reheat whenever
dehumidification is needed, without using additional energy. The modulated hot gas reheat control feature reduces fluctuations in air temperature and humidity levels, helping to ensure a consistently comfortable environment, which makes it ideal for use in healthcare facilities, schools, hotels and office buildings, sources say. By using micro-channel coils in the reheat design, more Btu per square foot of coil is achieved and less refrigerant charge is used, which minimizes maintenance and omits the need for receivers.    

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC advanced products division’s new Y- and R2-series modular outdoor units represent the next generation of City Multi® VRFZ technology. The new line-up consists of 6-, 8- and 10-ton outdoor unit modules, which can be combined to form up to a 30-ton outdoor unit system capable of connecting to as many as 50 indoor units. According to company sources, the units are lightweight and smaller than previous models, which allow them to be installed and transported easily. The smallest module fits in a standard, six-person elevator.    

The Mammoth R6GP series packaged gas/electrics, high-efficiency 6, 7.5 and 10 ton units are specifically designed for the retrofit market. Rated at 11.2 EER, they use R-410A refrigerant. According to company sources, Mammoth commercial gas packs fit most standard rooftop applications and can be adapted for exceptions or converted to horizontal airflow with a kit. The units feature a full perimeter base rail system with rigging holes and forklift slots on three sides.

The new ZF and ZJ series of York® Predator® units feature microchannel condenser coil technology, accommodate 4-in. filters and come standard with tool-free, hinged-panel unit access. They are convertible single packages with a common footprint cabinet and roof curb for all 3- through 5-ton models. The units were designed for light-commercial applications and can be easily installed on a roof curb, slab or frame.


Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the SRS2 wireless refrigerant Scale.

The SRS2 features a wireless remote with a bright blue backlight for use in poor lighting conditions. A flip-up magnetic ‘hat’ allows technicians to hang the remote at eye level while charging or recovering.  The heavy-duty platform is constructed of solid aluminum with ruggedized rubber bumpers.  A diamond plate rubber pad holds refrigerant bottles firmly, and the remote stores conveniently in the bottom of the platform.

The SRS2 features push button zeroing (tare) and syncing between the remote and the platform.  The remote control remembers the last zero point, even after powering on and off (so you won’t lose your calibration even if the scale turns off).  When the remote is powered off, the platform automatically goes into standby.  Additionally, a 33-ft. range gives technicians options while working.

The Malco PEX wire tool and clip system can be used for securing a PEX tubing in-floor radiant heating layout on a wire grid.  The tool features a 25-count clip capacity magazine feed that speeds through the PEX installation.  Malco heavy-duty 12-gauge (2.5 mm) steel clips will not jam, break or abrade tubing, sources say.  A generous opening and inside diameter makes these proprietary clips safe to use for all PEX to wire fastening applications and with all brands of PEX tubing from 3/8-in. to ¾-in. diameters.  The innovative tool design features “RedLine” handles for comfortable one hand operation, including a durable, easy-open/easy-close ambidextrous latch.  The easy-to-grasp handle opening reduces operator fatigue by maximizing the powerful leverage of compound head-to-handle linkage while providing a natural fit and feel for any hand.

Midwest Tool & Cutlery
Midwest Tool And Cutlery Company has introduced patent pending interchangeable blade seamers for the HVACR and building/construction trades. Interchangeable blades provide great value and convenience by eliminating the need to carry or purchase two separate hand seamers. The MW-S36 model seamer comes with 3-in. and 6-in. forged steel blades. The MW-S59 has 5-in. and 9-in. aluminum blades. Interchangeable blades are quick and easy to switch out, sources say. Each of the four blade sizes is also available in individual Seamer Blade Kits. Midwest Snips® interchangeable blade seamers feature hot drop-forged blade brackets that provide unmatched strength for the toughest applications, compound leverage handle action for maximum folding and gripping power, rust resistant zinc-plated handles and soft, comfortable grips.  (see photo on p. 51)

Promax introduces the RG6000 next-generation refrigerant recovery machine.

In accordance with the ne
w standards, the Promax RG6000 is built to provide a liquid recovery rate of 7.78 lb/min for R-22 and 6.04 lb/min for R-410A and delivers vapor recovery performance with a rate of 0.55 lb/min for R-22 and 0.35 lb/min for R-410A. The unit is also tested and verified to recover vapor at 104F with a recovery rate of 0.46 lb/min.

According to company sources, the machine is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in extreme conditions. The oversized condenser helps the machine run cool in extreme temperatures allowing for fast recovery in high-temperature environments. Operation is also simplified with a self-purge manifold function that eliminates residual refrigerant after each service preventing cross contamination—leaving the machine “ready to go” for the next service call.

The ParFlush Kit from Parker Hannifin is specifically developed to assist in HFC conversions  (R-410A) and severe compressor burnouts.The ParFlush Kit is equipped with ParFlush Solvent- a fast drying formulation which prior to reinstating the system aggressively addresses chemical residues such as old oil, varnish, flux and grease. To remove solid particles disturbed from the purging process, while maintaining system chemistry in the operable system, the patented ParFlush filter-drier is supplied with the kit. The specific-duty filter-drier provides unparalleled system protection with staged filtration capability and proven desiccant formulation.  

The Sporlan ParFlush Kit is for air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems up to eight tons in size. The ParFlush Solvent is available separately for larger applications. 

Testo Introducing the high performance, low cost, Testo 550 RSA Refrigeration System Analyzer, for calculating superheat and sub-cooling in real time. The 550 is ideal for servicing, maintaining
and commissioning all types of air conditioning systems. The 550 can be used to perform leak tests on AC/R systems. The analyzer comes in a rugged, compact unit including hose holders, pipe clamp probe and an integrated hook. The analyzer also features:

• Compact design for ease of use, transport and set up.

• Robust housing that protects the analyzer from the everyday bumps and drops. It is built for the field.

• Full function analyzer with 30 refrigerants stored on the processor and unique temperature-compensated sensors

• Eliminates the use of PT charts.     

TIF introduces its new C heated pentode refrigerant leak detector (P/N TIFZX) and TIFZX heated pentode leak detector kit (P/N TIFZXKIT).

The TIFZX detects all halogenated refrigerants, including R-410A, at levels as low as 0.1 oz./yr, and is unaffected by rapid temperature change and excessive refrigerant. The leak detector eliminates false alarms caused by moisture, cleaners, solvents, and the like — enabling technicians to pinpoint small to large leaks in tight spaces, such as those found in refrigeration units.

An exclusive feature available only on a Trane communicating system, Charge Assist automatically configures the correct refrigerant charge at setup.  Proper charging allow the system to perform at maximum efficiency levels while optimizing comfort, performance and reliability.

With the Trane Charge Assist feature, there are no on-site refrigerant calculations, measurements or gauges required.  The system automatically and accurately charges itself.  It’s designed to give the installer a higher level of confidence that the system is charged correctly.

Ritchie Engineering
Ritchie Engineering announced the launch of the newly designed refrigeration system analyzer. The refrigeration system analyzer features a digital, full-color TFT display with adjustable brightness and contrast protected by an anti-glare, scratch-resistant lens.

Some of the features include:

• Analog or digital display, or a combination of both

• Monitors two pressures, two live temperatures, subcooling and superheat, and saturation temperatures (liquid and vapor) for 84 refrigerants

• Dual K-Type temperature-compensated sensor ports allow for simultaneous suction and liquid readings.