Rotobrush Reminds Contractors: School Ductwork Could Use a Cleaning

Aug. 16, 2013
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states the most typical sources of indoor air pollutants in schools come from mold growth in drip pans, ductwork, coils, and humidifiers; improper venting of combustion products; and dust or debris in ductwork

Rotobrush International, LLC, is encouraging HVAC contractors and/or school maintenance staff to clean school air ducts before students begin classes this fall. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) states the most typical sources of indoor air pollutants in schools come from mold growth in drip pans, ductwork, coils, and humidifiers, improper venting of combustion products, and dust or debris in ductwork.

“During the school year, our children spend a majority of the day in the classroom. It’s just as important to improve indoor air quality there as it is at home,” says Lane Jeffryes, CEO and President of Rotobrush International. “Since 1980, the asthma death rate for children under 19 years old has increased by nearly 80 percent. Eliminating airborne triggers by proper ductwork cleaning and maintenance is a proactive step to creating a productive learning environment.”

According to the EPA, HVAC systems are among the largest consumers of energy in school systems. Maintaining these systems through proper air duct cleaning can ensure peak system performance to help reduce energy costs, while also creating a safe and comfortable breathing environment for students and staff. The EPA provides the following advice for school HVAC maintenance:

•   Clean air supply diffusers, return registers and outside air intakes.

•   Inspect HVAC systems regularly and establish a maintenance plan.

•   Change filters regularly and ensure condensate pans are draining.

•   Provide outdoor air ventilation according to ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010or local codes.

•   Keep unit ventilators clear of books, papers and other items.

Rotobrush offers an affordable solution to improving school IAQ with its latest air duct cleaning machine, the aiR+®XP Air Duct Cleaning System. The new machine offers enough power for commercial jobs in addition to residential cleaning, which means residential HVAC contractors who purchase the machine can add schools to their list of clients. The new aiR+XP machine offers the following features:

•   Up to 20% more power

•   Designed specifically to safely and efficiently clean all types of ductwork, most importantly flexible ductwork

•   Lightweight and portable, this machine gives you easy access into attics, basements and crawl spaces

•   50 feet total length of hose (standard offers 35 feet)

•   Runs on two power cords – two 15-amp circuits

•   Large, 28-in. and 30-in. brushes to clean larger ducts.