Emerson Climate Technologies to Host Webinar

Oct. 23, 2013
Webinar will explain how operators can reduce maintenance costs and enjoy long-term, energy-saving opportunities.

Emerson Climate Technologies announces it’s hosting a complimentary webinar at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST on Nov. 19 titled “A Case for Case Control and Electronic Expansion Valves.” This is the next installment in its ongoing Making Sense webinar series designed to educate and inform those within the HVACR industry about new technologies, regulations, the latest trends and environmental updates.
Traditional retail refrigeration systems typically enable the control of refrigeration cases through the electrical panel and/or refrigeration room (or rack house). Operators commonly use this centralized method to perform limited controls of their refrigeration rack as a whole. But with recent advances in case control and electronic expansion (EX) valve technology, operators now have the option to implement these controls at the case level and achieve substantial improvements in performance, energy efficiency and system flexibility. In this complimentary webinar, attendees will learn:
▪    Background information on case controls and EX valves
▪    The economics of different control methods
▪    The many benefits of EX valve controls
▪    How to use case controls and EX valves to achieve energy savings and maintenance improvements.
“Case controls and EX valves offer simplified installation, faster startup and lower condensing pressures to help reduce maintenance costs and provide long-term, energy-saving opportunities,” stated Rajan Rajendran, Ph.D., vice president, engineering services and sustainability, Emerson Climate Technologies. “This latest Making Sense webinar will demonstrate how case controls and EX valves can be used to shift control from the rack to the case, enabling superheat and electronic suction regulator controls at the case level.”
Leading the webinar will be John Wallace, director of product management, retail solutions, Emerson Climate Technologies. He has been active in the design and development of electronic control systems for more than 20 years. Before taking on his current role as the director of product management for Emerson Climate Technologies, Wallace held positions at Boeing, Mark Andy, Inc. and Computer Process Controls. He is a registered professional engineer and holds several patents related to HVACR control systems. Wallace has served on many industry committees, including the Lonmark Refrigeration committee, and he currently chairs the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers Data Protocol standardization committee.
To learn more about the Making Sense webinar series and receive a complimentary registration for the Nov. 19 event, visit www.emersonclimate.com/makingsensewebinars.