Bypass Piping System Keeps Food Court Dollars Flowing During Pipe Lining

Jan. 28, 2014
The Nu Drain protective liner will prevent breaks in the pipe, corrosion build-up, and other common failures, which greatly extends the useful life of the pipe system.

Commercial HVAC and piping contractors know very well how traditional repipes can take existing pipe systems out of commission, resulting in lost revenue for businesses that rely on those piping systems for daily revenues.

Nu Flow — based in San Diego, CA and Ontario, Canada, and with offices in four major U.S. cities — provides epoxy coating solutions to ensure minimum disruption to customers. In one project, the team created a bypass piping system that allowed a popular Las Vegas mall food court to remain fully operational while the team rehabilitated a failing grease line.

Nu Drain epoxy is poured into a pipe assembly.

Rehabilitating Grease Lines In-place
The food court within the landmark mall located on the Las Vegas Strip, in Las Vegas, NV. This mall has high-profile tenants, including the M&M’s World, the Coca-Cola Store, Outback Steakhouse, and Hard Rock Café. A horizontal grease line that services the restaurants’ kitchens in the food court. This cast iron pipe line has a 4-in. diameter and penetrates a concrete wall that is two feet wide. During a renovation for this mall, the customer wanted to repair the failing grease line. But part of the grease line goes through a two-feet-thick concrete wall.

Nu Flow 'Partner' Programs Are Available

Left: uncleaned, clogged pipe. Center: prepared for lining. Right: after epoxy lining has set.

First, using existing access points, a Nu Flow pneumatic cutting tool was used to break apart the build-up inside of the pipes and return them to their original diameter.
, the Nu Drain system was installed, using a patented "Pull-in-Place" process. Once the epoxy cured, a seamless structural liner was left inside the host pipe. This protective liner will prevent breaks in the pipe, corrosion build-up and other common failures, to greatly extend the useful life of the pipe system.

The Nu Drain process was installed without demolishing any part of the building, and a grease bypass system was installed so there were no interruptions to the restaurants while Nu Flow technicians rehabilitated the pipes.

Nu Flow's website contains information about 'partner programs' for contractors.