Wireless Unitary HVAC Controller Balances Energy Use in Fan Coils, Heat Pumps

March 20, 2014
EcoWave unitary controller balances energy efficiency and comfort. For use in areas where occupancy can be unpredictable, such as dormitories, residence halls, assisted living, and public housing.  

The EcoWave occupancy-based, wireless unitary HVAC controller from Telkonet Inc. is ideal for achieving the balance of energy efficiency and occupant comfort in fan coils, heat pumps, PTACs and other unitary equipment used in spaces with unpredictable occupancy, such as hotel rooms, dormitories, residence halls, assisted living, public housing and condominiums. It can be installed as a standalone controller or be networked with the ZigBee-based EcoSmart Intelligent Energy Management System for cloud-based total facility management.

The EcoWave system is comprised of two hardware components: the EcoAir battery powered thermostat and the EcoSource HVAC controller, mounted at the HVAC unit. The EcoAir wireless display thermostat can be placed in the optimum location for temperature measurement, occupancy detection and ease of use and samples 132 data points to maximize the efficiency of HVAC equipment. The EcoAir utilizes proprietary "recovery time" technology that allows the room temperature to drift for energy savings while the room is unoccupied, but returns to the occupant selected setpoint within a predefined number of minutes.

With operational voltage from 12-277AC without the need for external transformers and proportional control outputs, the EcoWave fits basic to complicated installations. Large internal data loggers record over 40 runtime metrics for measurement/verification and detailed analytics. A Current Transducer input measures and logs current flow. An external temperature input can monitor remote temperature and two dry contact pairs are available for door contacts or integration with BACnet building controls.

Telkonet, a leading US-based energy management technology provider, offers hardware, software and services to commercial customers worldwide.