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Tecumseh Reports on Activity at CMPX Show

April 14, 2014
New Tecumseh products include an expansion of the increasingly-popular AE2 line of high-efficiency reciprocating compressors. The Masterflux Eclipse direct current compressor is a 48-volt variable speed model rated at 5,600 BTUH.

Tecumseh Products Company isn't letting its 80th Anniversary year go by without new product introductions.

Appearing at the recent Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Exposition (CMPX) Expo at the Toronto Convention Center, Tecumseh had four new product introductions to share with HVACR contractor attendees.

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“The CMPX Expo is a great kick-off to our 2014 busy season as Tecumseh prepares to roll-out more new products, promotions and support tools,” said Keith Gifford, Tecumseh director of global marketing. “This is our largest HVACR show in Canada and we’re excited to be able to share our 80th Anniversary milestone with customers and friends from across the country.”

Those new Tecumseh products include an expansion of the increasingly-popular AE2 line of high-efficiency reciprocating compressors, two additions to the Masterflux product portfolio, and the introduction of universal replacement scroll compressors for air conditioning and heat pump applications.

The new AE2 high-efficiency compressor model AEX413Y-DS1B comes equipped with a high start torque motor and is designed for low-to-medium back pressure (L/MBP) applications operating in the evaporator temperature range from -30F to +23F. This first model is optimized for refrigerant R134a, allowing beverage cooler and vending machine equipment manufacturers to achieve the highest Energy Star ratings.

Tecumseh continues its cooling technology advancements with the new Masterflux Eclipse direct current compressor, a 48-volt variable speed model rated at 5,600 BTUH with R134a refrigerant, and the Sierra chiller, a complete 12V direct-current unit for stationary and mobile process cooling applications rated at 5,000 BTUH with R134a refrigerant.

Tecumseh has also expanded its scroll compressor line-up to include 2-1/2- through 5-ton universal replacement air conditioning and heat pump models designed for use with refrigerants R22 and R410A. The expanded line of air conditioning scrolls will be available through Tecumseh’s extensive network of North America based Authorized Distributors beginning this spring. 

Expanded Support Tools
Tecumseh has introduced two mobile apps for iPhone and Android smart phone users. The mobile apps include a digital and searchable version of Tecumseh’s popular Electrical Service Parts book and, a comprehensive compressor and condensing unit cross reference.