Field Technologies Webcast: Importance of a 'Connected' Workforce

July 16, 2014
Listeners will learn how providing these connections can benefit workers, customers, and the business bottom line.

Do you know the key to delivering flawless HVACR field service? It's keeping your mobile workforce connected. A well-connected mobile workforce provides a superior level of service. But, what does "connected" mean, exactly? On July 24, Field Technologies may provide some answers.

A webcast by Field Technologies scheduled for Thursday, July 24th at 1PM EST will review the three ways an HVACR company's mobile workers need to be connected: to people, to data, and to machines. Understand how providing these connections can benefit your workers, your customers, and your bottom line through hearing GE Oil & Gas' story directly from Sara Cerruti, Field Service IT manager of GE Oil & Gas' drilling and surface division.

Other participants will be Randy Reynolds, vice president, product marketing, ServiceMax, and Sarah Nicastro, editor-in-chief for Field Technologies.