Coolerado M50 units lined up to serve the Kellogg39s facility

Coolerado Helps Kellogg’s Save 88% In Cooling Costs

Dec. 16, 2014
With outdoor ambient temperatures as high as 120F, cooling inside the plant is in constant demand. The Coolerado system reduces Kellogg’s carbon footprint. CFC refrigerants are not used.  

Coolerado, Denver, CO, reports that its HMX cooling technology has helped the Kellogg’s cereal company achieve significant energy savings while cooling its Mexicali, Mexico food processing plant. Powered by Coolerado’s revolutionary HMX cooling technology, Kellogg’s is experiencing an annual savings of $62,000 in cooling costs. In addition to energy savings, the Coolerado system also reduces Kellogg’s carbon footprint, emitting only 27.37 tons of CO2 per year compared to 231.41 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) that sources say would be emitted from traditional air conditioners. 

Kellogg’s also benefits from Coolerado’s M50 line of air conditioners because they don't use chemical refrigerants such as CFCs, that are believed to create greenhouse gases, deplete the ozone and contribute to global warming.

“At Kellogg’s, we take our environmental commitments very seriously and we are very pleased that Coolerado’s HMX powered air conditioners help us achieve those green goals,” stated Pedro Palacios, plant manager for Kellogg’s.  “It’s not just about the bottom line and maximizing revenue here at Kellogg’s, we are very proud of our GoGreen team and initiatives and we look forward to continuing to partner with Coolerado for years to come.”

“Coolerado has always been up to the task and we thrive and exceed when given challenges like the extreme dry temperatures that Kellogg’s faces in Mexico,” stated Tom Teynor, CEO of Coolerado.  “We truly respect and admire Kellogg’s environmental conscience and it feels great to help them reduce carbon emissions, energy use while saving them money.” 

According to sources, the Coolerado system at the Kellogg’s plant uses only 7.1kw during peak power conditions, compared to a traditional system that would consume as much as 60kw — which equates to an energy reduction of 88%. Coolerado’s patented heat mass exchange (HMX) design was created by Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko, whose discovery of a new thermodynamic cycle (M-Cycle), resulted in the development of a leading, modern-day air conditioning technology. Coolerdo HMX units achieve the highest quality of fresh, cool air while typically using one-tenth the energy of traditional AC units, sources report.