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Nexstar Owners' Spotlight Event Approaches

Feb. 17, 2015
Topics for discussion will include: Call center excellence Prioritizing calls Answering customers' unexpected questions Awesome installation teams How 'unselling' creates repeat customers

The annual Nexstar Owners’ Spotlight event will be held March 5-7 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Kissimmee, FL.
Nexstar reports this year's event will be a great experience for Nexstar members, as it will focus on mastering essential customer interactions.

This year's Owners' Spotlight will also see the debut of Nexstar's first-ever Spring Tradeshow. The Nexstar Legacy Foundation also will have two workshops as well as a fundraising Disney experience event.
Thursday, March 5, will feature a "Troops to Trades" workshop and a Veterans Panel, Strategic Partner workshops and the Strategic Partner tradeshow.
On Friday, March 6, the Owners’ Spotlight event begins with the Nexstar Legacy Foundation's "A Taste of Disney" event.
Saturday, March 7, will include the Owners’ Spotlight event and a Closing Reception.

Keynote Speakers will be:
Scott McKain: "The Ultimate Customer Experience: The Key To Lifelong Loyalty and Endless Referrals"
Scott Stratten: "UnSelling" to create repeat customers
Call Center Excellence Coach, Tom Merriott: "Making Sure Your Greet Step Helps You Book The Call"
Nexstar Master Trainer, Dave Boduch: "Prioritizing Calls To Maximize Opportunities"
Nexstar Training Manager, Keith Mercurio: What Do You Say When Your Customers Ask, _____ ?
Nexstar Business Coach, Rob Buckley: Leading An Awesome Install Team

Visit the event website for additional information.