Leading the way in the Seeley acquisition of Coolerado Corporation are Jon Seeley right group managing director of Seeley International and Tom Teynor CEO of Coolerado CorporationPhoto courtesy Coolerado Corp

Seeley International Acquires Coolerado

July 1, 2015
Seeley International intends to considerably increase its North American operations
Coolerdo HMX units achieve the highest quality of fresh, cool air while typically using one-tenth the energy of traditional AC units, sources report.

Seeley International reported today it had acquired the business of Coolerado Corporation, a Denver-based manufacturer of innovative, award-winning, air conditioning systems for commercial, industrial, government, and military use.
“The addition of Coolerado’s innovative and award-winning products to our portfolio demonstrates our commitment and leadership in providing energy efficient air conditioning products,” said Frank Seeley AM, Seeley International’s founder and Executive Chairman. “This acquisition establishes a US-based manufacturing facility which is another exciting step in our growth strategy as we look to move closer to our North American customers.”

Coolerado’s indirect evaporative air conditioning products will become a part of Seeley’s portfolio that includes the trusted brands, Breezair, Convair, Coolair, Braemar, and Climate Wizard.  “Climate Wizard and Coolerado, which are both award-winning indirect evaporative air conditioning product lines are complementary, offering the best hyper-efficient air conditioning solutions in the world,” said Frank Seeley.  

“Coolerado’s customers will benefit from Seeley International’s market experience, product line breadth, financial and customer service strength, and its commitment to innovation,” said Tom Teynor, Coolerado’s Chief Executive Officer.     
With the acquisition of Coolerado’s Denver-based manufacturing facility, Seeley International intends to considerably increase its North American operations with a multi-million dollar capital injection designed to increase product availability and customer service.
Seeley International
Seeley International is Australia's largest air conditioning manufacturer and an innovative global leader in the design and production of energy-efficient cooling and heating products including Breezair, Convair, Coolair, Braemar, Climate Wizard, and now Coolerado. Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, Seeley has offices in six countries including the United States, where they have had a local presence for more than 30 years.  Seeley products are sold in over 100 countries. For more information visit www.seeleyinternational.com